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Response to Tim Baldwin and Mark Levin on Con-Con

Roger Fredinburg
October 4, 2013

Mark Levin inspired Tim Baldwin is writing in favor of a Constitutional convention. He uses lots of Lawyer-ease to rattle your brain - He tries as he might to claim the throne as the "King of the Liberty Movement" Don't be fooled - Tim's technique is the exact technique the Washington elite use to screw with our brains and distract us, to divide and conquer us ... The darned thing says CONGRESS SHALL and try as he might, Tim cannot erase that opening verbiage from Article V, so he banters about like a typical lawyer, trying to convince the "Jury" that, even while caught in the act of the crime with video and eyewitnesses, somehow the Perpetrator he represents is "Not Guilty" But - All of the evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he is lying ... Mr. Baldwin is guilty of playing lawyer's tricks on you - Don't believe anything he say's on this subject - He is playing defense lawyer - He is not the "Captain of Liberty" he pretends to be - Like all those Lawyers in DC, He has hidden motivations. He will eventually choke on his words - Because they are deceitful and untrue. And unlike Tim, I am willing to bet my life on my reading and understanding. Because unlike Tim, I have been to 4 conventions as a leader in the Republican Party. I understand the convention process and I can tell you, without hesitation that Mr. Baldwin, while a well meaning and wonderful person in my view, is young, naive, inexperienced in political parlance, and completely wrong. Politics is not Law, Politicians make law, sadly in the past 5 decades, and they have been proven to make really bad law. Do not allow this silliness to see the light of day, or the same lunatics, who have caused all of our current troubles, will be empowered to re-write your constitution - and that would be completely absurd.

Here are some of the known reasons:

“The last time that a proposed Federal law was introduced in Congress to establish procedures for limitations and restrictions upon delegates to an Article V Convention was in 1991 when Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah offered the bill S. 214 ("Constitutional Convention Implementation Act of 1991") during the 102nd Congress. Senator Hatch's proposed Federal legislation received no further consideration than to be referred to the Committee on the Judiciary in the United States Senate on January 15, 1991.

Congress has demonstrated zero interest in clarifying by Federal statute, any limitations and restrictions of an Article V Convention and deeming it proper to take matters into their own hands, legislators in some states have offered language to impose, in state law, limitations and restrictions upon delegates (from those specific states) who would be participating in a national Article V Convention. Here in lies the problem for the Tim Baldwin’s and Mark Levin’s of the world.

The “States” already recognize that any restrictions they place on Delegates to an Article V Convention would be applied state by state. And if the convention were to “run Away” all bet’s are off. And once a convention get’s rolling, most generally conducted under “Roberts Rules of Order” the entire convention could be easily corrupted by Parliamentary tricks and at the whims of the “Parliamentarian.”

Nobody, Not Mark Levin, not Tim Baldwin, Nobody can predict the outcome or the rules of a convention in Advance.

I was there at the Republican Convention for Oregon in 1994 when State Republican Party Chairman and well know businessman Craig Berkman Hi-Jacked the convention and was physically chased out of the building by a mob of angry delegates, Myself included, after we had seen every promise broken and every rule trampled which resulted in an official sea change in the party, handing all of the power over to the liberal neo-con wing of the party. It was nearly a blood bath.

Nothing can stop it once the momentum turns, and I don’t give a tinkers damn what Baldwin or Levin tell you, I have lived it and they are full of B.S.

A slightly different strategy is being attempted in 2013. There is a movement afoot within the legislatures of some states to invoke a provision of the United States Constitution allowing for interstate compacts (namely Article I, Section 10) Hoping to set uniform ground rules on the application process for calling an Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution which, if such an amendment were to be ratified, would require that the Federal budget be balanced.

Most on-lookers don’t understand that a balanced Budget Amendment removes the power of the purse from the hands of the people, and gives the annual spending powers and budgetary power to bureaucrats who work at the Presidents pleasure.

This would be the biggest shift in power since the idiotic additions of the 14th, 16th, and 17th Amendments which collectively work to protect illegal immigrants, Kill the unborn, place previously unconstitutional income taxes on our citizenry and totally collapsed States rights. Not a good track record. These imbeciles calling for an Article V Convention are playing with fire, frankly, I think they are all nuts!

So far in 2013, bills are known to have been offered in four states that would, if passed, form what is being called a "Compact for America". Only in Georgia did such legislation advance to actual floor consideration--but solely within its chamber of origin:

• Arizona in which House Bill No. 2328 was introduced ("Amending Title 41, Chapter 2.1, Arizona Revised Statutes, by Adding Article 2; Relating to the Compact Regarding a Balanced Budget Amendment Under Article V of the United States Constitution");

• Connecticut in which Senate Bill No. 584 was introduced ("An Act Concerning the Compact for America; to require the state to enter into an agreement to adopt and ratify a balanced budget amendment under Article V of the United States Constitution");

• Georgia in which Senate Bill No. 206 was introduced (" amend Chapter 6 of Title 28 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relative to interstate cooperation, so as to provide for delegations from the State of Georgia to certain conventions called by the Congress of the United States for proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States pursuant to Article V of said Constitution; to provide an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.") which was approved by the Georgia Senate on March 7, 2013; the bill is currently pending in the Georgia House of Representatives; and

• New Mexico in which House Bill No. 241 was introduced ("Relating to the Constitution of the United States of America; Enacting the Compact with America; Declaring an Emergency").

Another concept being floated is a "management study" that was offered this year in North Dakota (House Bill No. 1446) which management study would be "...related to the calling of a convention under article V of the United States Constitution, including concerns associated with a 'runaway' convention and methods through which states have addressed those concerns...".


Now if I have learned anything over the years, the 1st is “Follow the Money” and the second comes from Shakespeare’s Henry Vl “Let’s Kill all the Lawyers” An often misinterpreted line as Shakespeare was clearly speaking of the unethical types not the righteous.



Today, I feel much like Lott and Abraham, walking into the city of Sodom, searching for a righteous man – ultimately discerning the truth of it, that there were none.

And I just can’t help thinking that in modern America, as in the case at Sodom, there are no ethical Lawyers.

“Buy my book, go to my web site, come to my Townhall meeting and pay admission” etc.

Please, be on the alert for what I call Patriots for Profit! (Or) False Prophets for Patriots…

Beware! Just say NO!





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