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Deep dive into the monumental U.S. Supreme Court decision, slapping down the administrative state. SCOTUS issued a decision stating the Environmental Protection Agency had no authority to regulate CO2 emissions in a way that would force the entire energy sector to transition to so-called "clean energy" systems and "cap and trade" schemes. West Virginia is at the forefront of pushing back against Agenda 21 ESG programs, targeting "woke" megabanks with potential sanctions. Farmers are in the crosshairs from a new ESG rule, while eugenicist  population-reduction advocate Bill Gates buys up thousands more acres of prime farm land in North Dakota. Gates is now said to be the largest owner of American farm land, having purchased 269,000 acres, across several states, according to the AP. As Gates buys up massive amounts of farm land, the Rockefeller Foundation, also advocates for population reduction,  clamors for a complete "transition of the U.S. food system". Meanwhile, Americans are getting poorer as the White House touts its "economic progress".



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Here is a link to the article on Brownstone Institute's website. It's about Trump's Executive Order on Schedule F employees.






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