Using Our Shoutcast Version 1 Embedded Players to Listen with Chrome 55+ and Safari 10+

UPDATE 7-DEC-2017: Since version 2 of Shoutcast has made progress toward stability in the last year, we have begun adding version 2 streams to our Listen Live page which are supported by all browsers. If these streams continue to be stable, we eventually plan to drop the version 1 streams from the page.
In 2016, starting with its version 55, Google's Chrome browser pulled support for HTTP/0.9 over non-standard ports, effectively breaking all HTML5 embedded players for Shoutcast version one Internet radio streams, including ours at Govern America Radio. Unfortunately, Apple's Safari browser followed suit, starting with version 10 of its browser and the Opera browser too.
As a result of this change, our HTML5 players — which are embedded on the Listen Live page — will no longer work with these browsers. Note that this ONLY affects the HTML5 players that are embedded on the page. You can still listen to these streams with an external player, or if you have Flash still installed and activated, you can still use the Flash players. However, support for Flash is gradually being phased out by the major browsers too. You can also utilize one of the alternative options outlined below.

Option #1. You could try using another browser such as Firefox, or Internet Explorer, or an earlier version of the browser of your choice.

Option #2. Use an external player such as WinAmp, Real Player, VLC, etc. The links to play our streams in these players are provided on the listen live page. Just click on the logo of the player of your choice. Of course, you will have to have the software for the particular player installed on your system.

Option #3. Choose one of our simulcast partners, such as UCY.TV, or AVR-2 (56k or 16k). Both of these affiliates usually carry Govern America live, and use Shoutcast version two for their streams.

Option #4: You can also listen to our stream via the Zeno Radio Network and we have verified their stream is will also work on Chrome 55.
Option #5: Zeno also offers a LISTEN ONLY call-in number, where you can listen to our Govern America Radio streams 24/7. You can listen on your cell or land-based phone line by calling (701) 719-5231 [new number as of April 20, 2017]. This is a free service, although normal minutes and calling rates from your carrier will still apply. If you have free long distance or free minutes, that won't be an issue.





The justification for pulling support for HTTP/0.9 on non-standard ports in these browsers lies in in their need to patch an unrelated security issue. However, the fallout is that much of the Internet's radio stations are impacted negatively by the change. Embedded HTML5 audio players have become the preferred method of listening to content, since no additional software is needed — all an individual has to do is click on the play button and the audio appears.

Our dilemma is this: we could sidestep this issue by upgrading all of our streams to Shoutcast version two, which is the path many stations are taking, but our experience with Shoutcast version two is that it has been extremely unreliable and buggy. It is our hope that it will eventually evolve into a much more stable platform with time, however that has not occurred yet.

Since Govern America Radio supplies other outlets with our live broadcasts, we have actually become a radio “network”. This means that reliability of our streams are of utmost importance. Therefore, we have chosen reliability and performance over the more wide support of these browsers. We believe the workarounds, outlined above, offer the best balance for reliability for our partners, while maintaining user experience and convenience for those accessing our content directly.

As always, thank you for listening!