If Americans are to Survive as a "Free People", We Must Return Sovereignty to the People, Restore Autonomy of the States

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February 10, 1997
When the Spelman Fund, a Rockefeller family trust, funded the Council of State Governments (CSG) in 1934 -- a few years before the Rockefeller founding and funding of the Public Administration Clearing House at 1313 East 60th Street in Chicago -- there began a concerted effort to influence and control the legislatures of the several states united under the constitution. Ultimately, the influence and control spread to nearly every elected office within the states, including -- but not limited to: Township Supervisors, county commissioners, Mayors, Legislators and Governors; from Police Chiefs to Sheriffs to Attorneys General. The CSG has formed nearly 60 adjunct Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) which sweep up like a vacuum newly elected officials - especially in the local and state governmental offices -- and proceed to indoctrinate them.
Some of the NGO's with which you should become familiar are:
  • National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)

  • National Governors Association (NGA)

  • National (and international) Association of Mayors

  • National Association of County Commissioners

  • National Association of Township Supervisors

  • National (and International) Association of Chiefs of Police

  • National Association of Attorneys General…

The list goes on. Keep in mind that all of these NGOs were created and are controlled by those who created and control the CSG. Also keep in mind that "he who pays the piper, calls the tune". The payers here are tax-exempt foundations, i.e., Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and the hundreds of foundations created by the "big three" foundations.

Years before the founding of the above groups three other major groups were created which must be mentioned here. They are:

National Education Association (NEA - 1857) to restructure our nation through education

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws -- or its shortened title… Uniform Law Commission (ULC - 1892) created as a permanent standing sub-committee by the American Bar Association which drafts and nurses to passage "uniform laws" throughout the States. The ULC created the Uniform Commercial Code, which it claims is the single most important work since the Constitution.

National Municipal League (NML - 1894). The NML has many adjunct associations -- any organization bearing "league" of cities, counties, etc. -- which work subversively within local and state governmental units. Example: In 1996 the League of California Cities, after working in secrecy for two years, presented to the California State Assembly a nearly complete re-write of the California constitution. A vigilant Citizen sounded the alarm at the eleventh hour and the plan was quashed by a small group of informed Citizens. They'll be back! Our freedom from tyranny rests upon eternal vigilance.


Hundreds of bills and resolutions are passed in Congress each year in spite of the outcry of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Citizens claiming the legislation is unConstitutional. If we take a step back, read the Constitution carefully and notice the history we see a different scenario unfolding. Yes… we see blatant violations of Constitutional Law. We also see a Congress which passes Resolutions in Washington, D.C. under authority of the Constitution which do NOT apply to the 50 several tates, although somehow are enforced in our respective States.

Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution states: "[Congress shall have power] to exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such -District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States [Washington, D.C.], and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;"

What exactly does that mean - in a nutshell? Congress functions quite like a State Legislature in the federal zone, territories and possessions of the U.S. (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.). The Citizens in those areas are not governed under the restrictions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, this should not be misinterpreted to believe that ANY governing body has a right to violate the inherent, God-given rights of ANY people. It would be hoped the Citizens in D.C. and those territories and possessions are aware of this fact.

Where the 50 several states are concerned, the U.S. Congress may pass legislation only when such legislation is "in pursuance of" the Constitution. Those "powers" are limited and defined in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. The problem is that most State Legislators do NOT know / understand the Constitution, their power AND responsibility.

The first ten Articles of Amendment to the Constitution (Bill of Rights) were added to and became part -- the most important part -- of the Constitution; so important in fact that the States entering into the compact would not ratify without the addition. The main body of the Constitution structures and lays out the duties and authority of the federal body -- what they may do. The Articles of Amendment clearly define what the federal body -- or any governing body, including local and state -- MAY NOT do.

Articles 9 and 10 are the coveralls to absolutely clarify the intent of the Bill of Rights, which is protecting the SOVEREIGNTY of the People and the AUTONOMY of the several States. Although powerful forces have made many attempts in the past -- and most probably will in the near future -- to open up the Constitution via a Constitutional Convention; and although they have come close many times, they have NOT succeeded. The most recent attempt was in 1995 with the Conference of States.

The Constitution stands. It is not a "living" document, changeable with the "changing times". It is the law of this land and can -- and must -- be enforced by duly elected local and state officials representing the People. It appears that will only be done when the People begin to inform, educate, work with, support and "hold to the fire" the feet of elected officials. Until such time we are spitting into the wind. It appears, also, that unless the People realize this and get to work, NOW there will be no elected officials with whom to work, because elected officials are disappearing quickly under Regional Governance and "Public-Private Partnerships".

One of the greatest dangers to America is the corps of Phony Conservatives.

Congressional bills are written in a manner intended to confuse and disguise their meaning and intent. The Brady Bill stated that upon expiration of the five-year sunset clause, any state which was not in compliance with the computer link-up to big brother - the Insta-Check system -- Would not receive funds for the extra police-on-the-street Clinton promised. Goals 2000 contains a section which states that the Act is not mandatory - BUT - all school districts not in compliance with the mandates will receive no operating funds.


Here's a recent example, which understandably has many Americans in an uproar: THE HANDGUN REGISTRATION ACT OF 1997, introduced 1-7-97 by Mr. Hastings of Florida. This Act- HR 186 - is "To provide for the mandatory registration of handguns". In essence, the Act gives all states -- which don't presently have registration laws in place -- two years to come up with their own registration system, but which must meet certain requirements under this ACT. Each individual who owns a handgun must, within 90 days register the handgun. The ACT also lays out penalties which state laws must impose on its citizens who do not COMPLY- heavy duty penalties as a matter of fact, enough to scare just about anybody into COMPLIANCE.

NOW… listen closely!! Page 6 of the ACT states that: "(2) The term 'State' includes the District of Columbia and the territories and possessions of the United States". That's it. Period. The Federal Zone (D.C.) and territories and possessions of the U.S. Government, Inc. Deceiving and misleading. We might -- as was intended -- interpret the language to assume it also 'includes' us - We, the People in the several States. NOT!

In law, The words "include", "includes", "including" mean "To confine within, hold as in an enclosure, take in, attain, shut up, enclose, comprise...". (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition.) According to HR 186, the only "states" under the jurisdiction of the Handgun Registration Act are Washington, D.C. and territories and possessions of the U.S.

If that is so - then WHY are the States implementing so many "unConstitutional" laws? Because the States, under "encouragement, bribery and threats" from the federal government, are coerced into passing implementing State legislation, thus subjecting the People within the States to unconstitutional laws. How do they, BRIBE and THREATEN the States? By withholding "government funds" from the States. HOWEVER the federal government doesn't MAKE MONEY. The federal government TAKES MONEY from We, the People; from the sweat of our brows and the fruits of our labor.

What WILL happen from HR 186 is that our respective State legislatures will be scrambling to get into COMPLIANCE withthe Feds because... BECAUSE if they don't, under Sec. 4 of the ACT, "Termination of Certain Federal Assistance", we read: "The Attorney General shall order the termination of all assistance under each of parts D, E, and G of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to each State, and each recipient in such State, during any period in which the Federal handgun registration system established under section 3(a) of this Act applies to such State." Once again, on this page 7, under Sec. 5, "Definitions", the term "state" is the same as given on page 6… Washington D.C., territories and possessions of the U.S.

Even though the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 does not apply to the several states -- the several States have enacted legislation to COMPLY and thus are receiving federal funding for their COMPLIANCE. Under HR 186 the Feds will withhold those funds already being received unless states COMPLY with the requirements in HR 186. (You can order a copy of HR 186 by calling your U.S. Congressman's office in D.C. at 202-224-3121)

Many of us claim we are fighting to preserve our unalienable, God-given freedoms as secured by the Constitution, when in reality we are fighting to reclaim those freedoms which have been swept out from under us. As it stands today - WE ARE SLAVES LABORING FOR THE MASTERS. We are WORKER BEES FOR THE GLOBAL ELITE. Our freedom / liberty has been given over peaceably by local and state elected officials because of OUR laziness, complacency, ignorance and inattentiveness.

Our freedom / liberty has also been given over peaceably by the stupidity, corruptness, ignorance and cowardice of elected officials who were elected to "represent" us. Most of the elected officials who took the oath to defend and protect the Constitution have never read the Constitution. Most Americans today have never read the Constitution.

Question: How does one fight for one's RIGHTS when one does not KNOW what one's RIGHTS are'?


In addition to the "dumbing-down" of any would-be honest officials, the drug-running in America by CIA, FBI, and other "quasi" and non-governmental agencies has created a "black budget" which lines pockets of elected officials from the lowest to the highest levels of government and into Local and State Police departments. If you haven't seen the video, "The Mena Connection" then you must.

Has anything come of the "investigation" by State legislators in Montana to follow, the trail of the many deaths which have occurred as a result of allegations of drugs shuttling from Canada into Montana around the time when the Montana Freemen were under "siege"? Montana State Senator Casey Emerson stated in an interview on Sweet Liberty that twenty (or more) legislators were going to demand an investigation. We've heard nothing to confirm whether or not the investigation was ever initiated.

What happened in LA where the San Jose Mercury ran a 3-part expose which claimed to have evidence proving the CIA was putting drugs on the streets to "hook" the very young (pre-teens) and their parents? We were told by a California friend that a news-brief announced four days after the last installment of the SJM expose' that all of the evidence "mysteriously, disappeared" from the Sheriff's Department. Check it out! The federal government's answer to this was to have Zionist John Deutsch, then head of the CIA, publicly announce that "it was all lies". Deutsch is the man who, as Under Secretary of Defense, declared on CNN that America must continue to downsize our military to get ready for the New World Order.

Now, thanks to Walter Burien, we have discovered that trillions of dollars -- YES, TRILLIONS, as the local, state and federal government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) show -- are available for the use of the elite and their minions to pay off, bribe and threaten elected officials, judges, bureaucrats, etc.

How many Americans - or elected officials for that matter - are aware that the "Federal" Bureau of Investigation is NOT a Congressionally-chartered agency?... that the FBI was created by the Department of Justice and that Congress refused to Charter the agency?.... that the FBI is now an International Bureau of Investigation with offices in many foreign countries? How about the BATF, under jurisdiction of the U.S. Treasury Department, the Secretary of which also holds the position of 'Governor' of the International Monetary Fund? Today Mr. Rubin is that "Governor" of the International Monetary Fund.

And YET - the governors and legislators and sheriffs in our Counties and States allow the federal and international agents to run rampant through our streets, through our communities and towns and cities, busting in doors of innocent People who were "fingered" by unknown informants.

Let us remember that the Constitution, under the 4th Article of Amendment in the Bill of Rights states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

And YET - State legislators are passing bills which they don't write and never read giving nearly limitless power to the above mentioned agents and their activities. The State Legislatures are the lawmaking bodies within our state governments; the legislators take an Oath to defend and protect the Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of their respective states. Incidentally, a State Constitution does not take precedence over the Federal Constitution and cannot be "repugnant" to the Federal Constitution. (the sections of the Federal Constitution which are valid, that is)

And YET - State legislators vote "for" legislation - which they don't write and never read -proposing Amendments to the State Constitutions which ARE indeed repugnant to the Federal Constitution. They "advertise" the proposed Amendments -- as required by law -- in fine print buried in back pages of newspapers and print the ballots in a manner to deceive uninformed People - voters - into voting the new Amendments into our State Constitutions. (State legislators who vote bills into law without reading, understanding, and making sure the bill meets Federal Constitutional muster are committing criminal acts. People in all states should take action now.)


Don't hold your breath. Most Governors (probably all) are elected by PAC money, contributions from foundations and multi-national corporations. He who pays the piper, calls the tune. They have been groomed for their positions as Governor after stints in other elected positions and proven themselves to be obedient traitors to America. These people do not read history, or they would know that after the world policymakers have used them, they will be shoved down the memory hole of oblivion by the same masters they served so well. The National Governors Association, an important adjunct of the Council of State Government -- and other Governors' associations -- feed them their instructions and the Governors in turn stuff the ordered actions down our throats.

If a Governor cannot coerce state legislators into passing a law he or she simply enacts the desired program by Executive Order. When it is a particularly dastardly Act such as WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT which is structuring the BEE HIVE for us WORKER BEES, legislators are let off the hook. Pennsylvania is a great example of just such a case.

At a meeting in Pennsylvania where representatives of many patriot organizations met with state legislators to discuss WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT, Representative Sam Rohrer made the statement that the proposed Workforce Development Act "might be implemented by Executive Order by Tom Ridge". Representative Tom Armstrong made a similar statement: "We might not even get an opportunity to vote on it if the Governor enacts it by Executive Order". As a matter of fact, Tom Ridge HAS and IS implementing Pennsylvania's Workforce Development by Executive Order. This lets the state legislators off the hook with their constituents, innocently proclaiming that, "We never had an opportunity to vote it down".

HOG WASH! That is what we are fed, ladies and gentlemen, by state elected representatives who claim to be "good, Christian, God-fearing people". These elected officials who have families and children not only sell their constituents down the watershed river/stream/creek… they sell their soul to keep their prestigious position and the perks they will lose if they speak out and stand up for what's right. HOWEVER… and this is the big one… State Legislators who have taken a stance in the past, who have NOT had huge masses of constituent support, have been ridiculed in the Zionist controlled media and railroaded out of office.

It was brought to the attention of the State Representatives during the meeting that Governors' Executive Orders are NOT LAW, any more than Presidential Executive Orders are law. The State Legislatures COULD and SHOULD pass legislation which would PROHIBIT WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT in any way, shape, form or manner. Included in the legislation would be language which would dismantle all phases of the already-created WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT BOARDS, offices, public-private partnerships, etc. Also included would be HEAVY PENALTIES, including huge fines, loss of pensions, perks, etc. and IMPRISONMENT for FAILURE TO COMPLY.



Some subversive and unconstitutional actions which helped pave the way for federal control over the States and the People are:

* 14th Amendment added to the Constitution (INVALID - NOT lawfully proposed OR ratified) allegedly gave citizenship status to newly freed slaves, when in reality created a new status of citizenship for the American People - the "U.S. Citizen". Citizens are fraudulently induced to enter into adhesion contracts with local, state and federal governments (Social Security number, driver's license, voting registration, etc) which unknowingly changes their status; are then considered "property" of U.S. America was in CHAOS after the War for Southern Independence; U.S. Congress was controlled by what was then called "radical Republicans" (the World Socialist Zionists and their minions); Congress created Military Regions in the Southern States and forced rump legislators at gun-point to ratify the 14th Amendment. (See 2/3/00 - The 14th Amendment is Unconstitutional - Judge L.H. Perez)

  • * The parent cell of AMERICA'S CANCER - The Federal Reserve Act (Invalid - Unconstitutional) Passed 12-23-1913 by a handful of U.S. Congressmen and Senators while the majority were home for the Christmas recess; abrogated congressional power (duty, responsibility) -- to coin money and establish the value -- to private power-brokers (International Bankers who created the crash in '29 and prolonged the deep depression). State legislatures had power to reject the unconstitutional action, demanding repeal of the Federal Reserve Act or the recall of their U.S. Senators who refused to follow their instructions. State Legislators could do so today. States could also coin debt-free money (in lieu of Congress' failure to uphold Constitutional obligation) within each Sovereign State. Although Article 1, Sec. 10 does not allow States to coin money, it also prohibits States from making anything but gold and silver coin legal tender in payment of debt. The Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutional law. UnConstitutional law is NO LAW.

    * 16th Amendment added to the Constitution (Invalid - not properly ratified); known as the "income-tax" amendment - although neither the Constitution nor the 16th Amendment nor the Internal Revenue Code defines "income". The Supreme Court has determined that the 16th Amendment gave no new taxing power to Congress.

    * Seduced Americans into 'volunteering' to pay a percentage of their "income" to help pay war-debts. Eventually and presently, coerce and deceive Americans by threat, intimidation, property seizures and imprisonment, to pay "income" tax in violation of the Constitution, Federal and State laws, and the I.R. Code as well.

    * 17th Amendment added to the Constitution (Invalid - Not properly ratified according to U.S. Senate Report); changed election of U.S. Senators by State Legislatures to direct vote of the people. Propaganda has convinced State legislators and Citizens that the Amendment destroyed checks and balances on government because it eliminated States' right to INSTRUCT and RECALL U.S. Senators. In fact, had it been properly ratified, nothing changed save the method of voting.

    * Immersed Americans into two World Wars by manipulation, fraud and deceit.

    * Emergency Banking and Trading With the Enemy Act: (1933) U.S. Congress passed a series of "laws", declaring Sovereign Citizens (Americans) the "enemy" of the U.S. Government under National Emergency; gave "force of law" to Executive Orders; called in gold held by the People; closed solvent State banks - created CHAOS in America. Most accomplished in FDR's Administration while our country was suffering under a depression. Every President since that time has renewed the "national emergency" to keep the charade alive. See 16th American Jurisprudence 2nd, Sec. 256 - U.S. Supreme Court rules unconstitutional law is "color of law", null and void, NO LAW.

    * U.S. Senate ratified U.N. Charter (Invalid - Unconstitutional) (1945); Constitution provides treaties to be made with other nations, NOT GLOBAL CORPORATIONS. Began in 1950 with the U.N. Korean "conflict" the first of over 200 non-Constitutional military actions, setting "precedent" for the President to deploy troops under U.N. missions without Constitutional congressional consent. In 1971 the U.S. Congress gave the U.N. status of "sovereign nation" to justify past, present and future treaties. It is ALL illusion.

    * Since 1945 to present - signed hundreds of "treaties" with U.N. and organizations under U.N. auspices violating state and national sovereignty as well as endangering the lives and quality-of-life of all Americans.

    * Congress created the ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations - 1959), referred to by national expert-researcher Jo Hindman as a "cell of the UN". Drafts bills for Congress and companion bills for States to further usurpation of power by federal government. Works in unison with the CSG, promoted State Constitutional Conventions '68-72, Conference of States in '95, etc. Defunded by Congress 1996. ACIR is now a Non-Governmental Org. (NGO) called the American Commission (or Committee) on Intergovernmental Relations, headquartered in D.C. New name; same players; same function.

    * Intergovernmental Relations Act (PL 90-577) Passed by U.S. Congress10-16-68 by fraud, trickery and deceit; laid foundation for Regional Governance, in compliance with and as outlined in U.N. Report, 1967, Developing New Metropolitan Towns and Cities from meetings in Stockholm ('63) and Moscow (65). Moscow used as model for our Metro-Regional Structure in America.

    * Nixon signs Executive Order # 11647 (2-10-72) Dividing U.S. into ten federal regions to be controlled by "Federal Regional Capitols". Bringing U.S. government "closer to the people". Established 10 mini-federal governments in each Regional Capitol. Federal block grants, allegedly earmarked for States, are in fact sent to Federal Regional Agencies, i.e. HUD, HEW, etc. which then dole out to local and State governments in return for COMPLIANCE.

    "Revenue Sharing" - (HR 14370) State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972 (10-13-72) passed by Congress. Communist / Socialist dictum, "From those according to their ability to those according to their needs". Provided for federal government to collect "State income-tax" as well as federal income tax, and other federal taxes. Money comes back to States in exchange for compliance. Some State legislators don't WANT to "rattle the federal cage" because their State receives MORE federal funds than fed takes from the State. See Chapter IX in Beware Metro and Regional Government by Phoebe Courtney. When we lost (gave to the fed gov) control of local and state revenue (including state income tax) we gave over autonomy of the states to federal bureaucratic control.

    * Geneva: US-USSR agreements signed in '85 and '87 to merge America's educational system with communist Soviet Union. Agreements made by Gorbachev and conservative hero of the party hacks, Ronald Reagan. Phyllis Schlafley was in Geneva at the time, although she disclaimed any knowledge of the agreements. Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying that he could never have accomplished all that he did without Eagle Forum. Go figure.

The above mentioned events are only a "tip of the iceberg". Volumes have been written in hundreds of books detailing the "rest of the story". The bottom line is this: We must STOP our State Legislators NOW from their insane and deadly actions and we MUST SUPPORT State Legislators in enacting legislation which would dismantle all unconstitutional, and life threatening programs, agencies, and laws. Does it sound like a big bite to chew? It IS. And it IS POSSIBLE, for WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.