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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

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Was University 'Study', Claiming Global Warming Is Causing Kidney Disease, Funded by Federal Money? Oct 11, 2015
The Snowden Trojan: World Treaty Pushed as Solution to NSA Spying Sep 24, 2015
Chris Gerner, Rest In Peace: There's Nobody to Replace Him Sep 04, 2015
Road Closures with Military MRAP Vehicles Come to Jackson, Michigan Aug 02, 2015
A Deceitful Peace Jun 09, 2015
Giving Back: The Communitarian Death of Benevolence Jun 01, 2015
The Crumbling Infrastructure of Jackson County, Michigan May 12, 2015
Texas A&M Prof Teaches the Wrong Class Apr 27, 2015
The Beauty of God's Creation Apr 10, 2015
B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r Feb 21, 2015
Orwell and the American Zombie Culture Feb 15, 2015
Why the United States is Next-to-Last in International Academics Jan 28, 2015
My Christmas Wish Dec 25, 2014
NYT: Infamous Guccifer Hacker Cites 'Plans' for Chicago to be Hit with Nuclear Bomb Next Year Nov 14, 2014
It's Not Over, Until It's Overcome: Roger Mundy, A Living Legacy Oct 19, 2014
Ebola, the SS, and the Great Golf Club Swinger Oct 01, 2014
JOURNALISTIC ETHICS: State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf Gifts Reporter Matt Lee During Press Briefing Sep 18, 2014
Robin Williams: A Dissenting Opinion Aug 13, 2014
Autumn's Early Touch Jul 29, 2014
Dogs of War, Architects of Terror Jul 19, 2014
FedEx Shooting Just Days After Georgia Pro-Gun Bill Becomes Law; Facility was a 'Gun Free Zone' Apr 29, 2014
Cliven Bundy and the BLM Bullies: Does the Mafia Care About Public Relations? Apr 11, 2014
‘Crossing the Line’ to a Constitutional Convention Apr 06, 2014
The Human Factor Mar 30, 2014
Self Defeatism: The Mindset of the Slave Mar 23, 2014
O Conquered Man Jan 02, 2014
Media Ridicules People Who Expose Illuminati Masters Dec 24, 2013
Aerosol Operations Over Jackson Michigan - November 8, 2013 Nov 09, 2013
Cue the Mass Shooting Distraction Drone Nov 01, 2013
Washington's Tantrum Oct 02, 2013
Did the AP report on Navy Yard shooting before it happened? (Updated) Sep 16, 2013
Aerosol Operations over Jackson, Michigan - September 6, 2013 Sep 06, 2013
Free at last? Who are you kidding? Aug 28, 2013
Commander Data and the Extropians Aug 23, 2013
The warnings keep a sounding Aug 23, 2013
Dynasties of America: Many Voices, No Choices Aug 22, 2013
Hollywood's "Green" Hypocrisy Jun 19, 2013
SECRET MEETINGS: Obama CO2 regulations coming in July Jun 14, 2013
U.S. to provide military support for Syrian terrorist rebels Jun 14, 2013
Gun Control... We Can Believe In? Jun 09, 2013
Thinking of marching on Washington with guns? Stay home! May 07, 2013
Exploiting the Victims Apr 28, 2013
Notes from January 19, 2013 Preparedness Show Apr 28, 2013
Continuity of Abuse Apr 28, 2013