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Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill
Who Would Win A Conflict In The South China Sea: The Infographic
Cleveland Cops Promise to Stop Pistol-Whipping People After DOJ Exposed their Dangerous Habit (In a related story... the earthquake in the northeastern part of the country was really the founding fathers spinning around in their graves)
IRS blames data theft on Russians (They could blame *themselves* for failing to protect the people's data — but nahhh! Incidentally, IP addresses can be spoofed. We suppose the feds have never heard of a proxy? We're a little amazed they didn't blame North Korea this time. Guess they like to "mix it up" a little.)
Leftover snow & ice piles remain in Boston — reminder of how WRONG warming/climate alarmists (LIARS) are
Global Warming Goons Target Pastors to Help Spread Propaganda
WELCOME TO THE FUTURE:  Self-driving car ploughs into journalists
Meet your artificial brain: The algorithm redefining the web
Air Force reveals EMP missile that fries electronics as it passes
Congress: Illegals tied to terrorism seeking asylum in U.S.
U.S.-Mexican border 'wide open' as cartel scouts operate 100 miles in
Clashes between rival drug gangs results in bloodbath in Mexico
The Struggle of Mexicans Against Drug Trafficking
Obama begins issuing work permits to spouses of foreign workers
Appeals court deals blow to Obama amnesty program
NSA Tests Out Smartphones that Recognize Handwriting Motion
IRS hack leaves 104,000 exposed
'Green' energy leaves Apple BAKED
US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea — Warning from state-run China newspaper as Beijing reveals plans for development of disputed South China Sea islands
Chinese military sets course to expand global reach as ‘national interests’ grow (Built by U.S. industry)
Beijing warns US: 'We will fight back' as battle of words escalates over South China Sea
Japan to join U.S., Australia war games amid growing China tensions
Communist China producing new billionaire every week
Towards Legalized Corporate Secrecy in the European Union?
Iris scanners can identify you in REFLECTIONS: Minority Report-style tech can be used up to 40ft away
AGENDA 21:  California government working to send toilet water to tap
Humans 'will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years' 
Teens try to summon demon on Twitter
Fighter jets scrambled after threats to passenger planes

Wealthy increasingly fortifying homes with 'safe rooms'; 'World very scary place right now, especially for people of means'

ECONOMIST WARNS:  Supreme Court decision sets stage for government seizure of pensions
The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs (They should know... they helped CREATE the debt)
HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left (Afraid there will be nothing left for them to steal?)
War Propaganda. “Planting Stories” in the News Chain
More Proof Of Paid Protesters: Ad Asking For Protesters To Travel To Protest, List Of Payouts To #Ferguson Protest Organizers
West Virginia Court Allows Illegal Prescription Drug Addicts to Seek Damages from Healthcare Providers
George Soros Warns "No Exaggeration" That China-US On "Threshold Of World War 3"
Indiana Cops Arrest Man for Asking for Their Badge Number
David Cameron’s New Thought Police
Google Patents ‘Creepy’ Cuddly Toys to Run Your Home
Under Shadow of Trade Deal, US Pesticide Lobby Pressured EU to Dump Toxic Pesticide Rules
US blocks nuclear disarmament document over Israel, Moscow fumes
Hedge funds buy swathes of foreclosed subprimes, force up rents, float rent-bonds
NSA winds down once-secret phone-records collection program (Surrrre they are! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) 
Starbucks Chose Convenience (Easy Sales) Over Customer Security Leaving App Vulnerable
Freddie Gray death: Grand jury indicts police officers

Crime spikes in Baltimore as cops afraid to do their job; Mayor:  'Disheartening' (Giving them more "space to destroy"?)

Police Commissioner: '...very difficult for us...'

Rick Santorum says Obama created ISIS: 'what's relevant is the policies of this president that created ISIS'
Agenda 21 disguised itself as Heartland 2050 in Nebraska
WE WIN WHEN THE PEOPLE STAND UP!  Public outcry forces FEC Democrats to junk bid to regulate Internet
Texas Messes with Agenda 21
Cops who flash banged infant's crib are blaming the baby!
DEA staffers secretly owned strip club with illegal immigrant dancers
DHS giving grants to police to set up DUI checkpoints
Fox News Pundit Paid by NSA Contractor Reacts to Rand Paul: “Trust the NSA” (Still think you have a "free press"?)
GM says you don't own your car, you just license it (Private property of all types is becoming illegal in the "land of the free")
JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Deals With His Bank’s Felony Charge – Badly
BP oil spill caused biggest dolphin die-off in Gulf history – study (meanwhile, off the coast of California...)
World's Biggest Banks Admit Criminal Fraud, Public Yawns
NSA hijacked app stores to hack phones
Google Fiber users suspected of downloading illegal content may find automatic demands for money
Defense Dept altered books in long-awaited audit, reports claim
Charges dropped against cop having sex with cow; prosecutors couldn't prove cows didn't enjoy it (Unbelievable!)
SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY:  Chinese Law Firm to Merge With American Firms, Employ Howard Dean, Newt Gingrich
Executive Amnesty for Child Molester?
Military Special Operators Using Rapid DNA Readers
The Congress Planned a World Government on Your Tax Money (Just doing what their masters told them)
Black males murder five year old white girl in Milwaukee; no national outrage
VIDEO: Israel committed act of terrorism upon the United States; Incident was covered up by U.S. administration

Israel Fears Obama Will Stop Hiding Nuclear 'Secret'


RELATED:  MSNBC:  Strategic Israel: The Secret Arsenal of the Jewish State

CLAIM:  Islamic State seizes more than half of Syria
World 'hurtling towards post-human future'
Drone spies on woman as she breastfeeds in her condo
Police drones take off across America
Obama tells Coast Guard grads 'climate change' threatens USA (Truth doesn't matter when you have an agenda to push)
Economist warns Fed policies could lead to disaster
Communist China warns U.S. surveillance plane
China may have edge in race to build California's bullet train
Wifi making people ill
UBS to pay $545M for currency & interest rate manipulation (of course, NO banker EVER goes to jail)
Bin Laden’s will revealed – & interest in Illuminati, 9/11 conspiracy theories
California oil spill: State of emergency declared, up to 105,000 gallons leaked
NATO military cargo to Afghanistan stopped by Russia
Over 1,400 suspects investigated in UK historical sex abuse inquiry
Wall Street's Hot New Financial Product: Your Rent Check
Obama/DHS want to 'officially' create a national police force
Double Agent:  FBI informant makes new career as defense expert
United Nations Summit to adopt the post-2015 development agenda

Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE - but nobody has an explanation


RELATED:  NASA Project Bluebeam:  New World Messiah

More than 1,000 plaintiffs file lawsuit to keep Japan out of TPP
Five Major Banks to Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets (but will anyone actually go to jail?)
Turkish government hires former CIA director for lobbying
It Begins... Greece Demands An Emergency Meeting!
The Secret Fed Paper That Advocated a "Carry Tax" on All Physical Cash
Your Thoughts, Govt Dumping Money into “Brain Scanners”
Chechen Leader Says Tsarnaev Death Sentence Is Part Of US Intelligence Plot
Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Suspect Drives Nail in the Coffin of US Justice System
History of World War II: America Was Providing Military Aid to the USSR, While Also Supporting Nazi Germany
UKRAINE & RUSSIA:  Is Washington Coming To Its Senses? — Paul Craig Roberts
Over 6 Months Later And The Cop Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Has Yet to Be Questioned
Google’s Homemade Self-Driving Cars to Hit Roads This Summer
Google's self-driving cars have been getting in accidents in California
In Congress Right Now:  New Bill Requires Mandatory Childhood Vaccine Schedule; Bill Seeks to Force Full Compliance (Land of the Free?)
UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity
1921: Black Business District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked, Aerially Bombed and Razed, Victims Dumped in Mass Graves
THE PURGE:  Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's First Freely Elected President, Sentenced to Death
Military push for emergency robots worries skeptics about lethal uses
Warren:  US has routinely failed to protect worker rights under so-called 'free trade' deals
‘We must resist corporations’: Le Pen targets troubled TTIP deal in new campaign
Garland Shooting Event Revised – Shining a Spotlight on FBI’s Role Before Attack
Obama Promises U.S. Military will Defend Rich Arab Dictatorships
U.S. Hosts Arms Bazaar at White House Arab Summit
Military Recruiting Increasingly Aimed at Children
Obama’s DEA Appointment Looks To Confront Drug War With Anti-Terror Tactics
NYPD officers retreat as residents stop arrest of teenage girl
NSA Transfers Spy Gadgets to Local Police Departments
Obama restricts police military gear, says it can alienate
US police to lose some military equipment, but not all
Nashville now home to America's largest Kurdish population
NYPD Considers Granting Amnesty To 1 Million Low-Level Crime Offenders
Obama seeks to end immigration enforcement by local, state police
Scientists explore ethics of "editing" genes
Burglars using drones to target homes
Kerry calls for international rules to govern the Internet
Clinton Friend’s Libya Role Blurs Lines of Politics and Business
Document: Jade Helm Commander Plans to “Operationalize The CONUS Base” (Do you recognize Martial Law when you see it?) 
David Cameron is about to redefine what it means to be an 'extremist' in Britain (As goes Britain, America isn't far behind) 
The creepiest thing David Cameron has ever said
Beijing warns US: 'We will fight back' as battle of words escalates over South China Sea

NEVADA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR: Fema Hiring Actors to Run Live Terror Drills

David Lory VanDerBeek
Nevada Governor Candidate 2014
April 27, 2013


The next time you see FEMA or DHS running a terror drill in your city will you be able to tell the difference between the real bystanders and those paid by FEMA as crisis actors? There has been much to do about the same people making repeated appearances at events such as the Batman Massacre, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and so forth. What if it isn’t a conspiracy? What if the government does bring in actors on the “scene” of shoot outs and bombings? What if they justify the use of actors to help the real victims remain calm? What if they use real events to enhance training and emergency response?

What if control freaks in the government use those drills to advance their own political agendas while Americans are none the wiser? …such as gun control…

Welcome to FEMA HSEEP Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program!

Here is where FEMA lays out policies and procedures for hiring actors, waivers, disaster makeup (i.e. blood and guts), local hospital participation, advanced media announcements, and post media releases. I hear what you’re saying. “Of course, they hire actors, David. How else can they train? They’ve been doing this for years.” That’s not the concern. The concern of many Americans including myself is the OUR GOVERNMENT IS STAGING FALSE FLAG TERRORIST EVENTS AND THEN USING ACTORS LIVE ON SCENE TO ADVANCE THE TERRORIST NARRATIVE. It’s like having actors intermingled with the real victims who cannot tell one another apart. The victims think all the victims are real. The actors thinks all victims are actually acting as part of the drill. Just type “crisis actors” into a search engine. Look they have their own website for their organization “Crisis Actors -Trained Players and Actors Making It Real.

How do you discern reality from fantasy when you are confronted with bloody events on television which you are powerless to influence? You can’t. You believe whatever the television tells you to believe. If the government is bringing actors on the scene of a live terrorist attack where is the line between reporting the news and making a movie? Do you remember when the government and media glorified private Jessica Lynch and made her into a female soldier icon for fight Iraqis when her companions were killed. In fact, the Pentagon worked with Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies allegedly based on real events like Lynch’s story that later proved utterly false. Hey kids, what do we call this? PROPAGANDA. This reads like a straight out of Nazi Germany. You know the Nazis took over media and entertainment and politicized everything including putting swastikas on candies. At least I don’t have to look at Obama’s ugly face on my M&M’s…yet…


DON'T MISS: Police admit they PLANNED Boston Bombing drill with backpacks, patriots, and 'eerie similarities' to the real event

Any how, I’ve copied the screen shots of the FEMA HSEEP program at the bottom of this post in case FEMA locks up the pages. I’ve also saved copies of their documents to release those to the America people in case FEMA has ideas about shutting this down as they did when I released information on their Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-Scale Exercise. No, I’m not joking. They also had one in San Diego in which the DHS trained at shooting “infected” people over and over and over… “The five-day Halo counterterrorism summit is an approved training event by the Homeland Security Grant Program and the Urban Areas Security Initiative, which provide funds to pay for the coursework on everything from the battleground tactics to combat wounds to cybersecurity.” Behold, your tax dollars at work…Hey the government is just preparing to mow the infected people down in the event of a pandemic and having some fun at the same time. The zombie effect helps the troops train by desensitizing their once human targets. Watch some of the FEMA actors at work below serving as a simulated live target practice and the people cheer…I mean, how else would you prepare for such an event without arousing public outrage? But regardless, the acting is TWO thumbs up, way up. I hope your sensing my contempt…Furthermore, if FEMA/FBI/DHS recruits you to participate in a drill, you sign a waiver, because that drill may be live and you could be killed…





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