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The Confederate states were right!
The war between the states
was about FREEDOM — NOT slavery!

There is a massive propaganda campaign given to manipulating the People of the United States into rejecting one of the greatest symbols of freedom and states' rights that ever existed for people of ALL COLORS in our history — the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, often erroneously referred to as the Confederate flag. The People are vulnerable to being conned by this Establishment media assault because they do not know their own history. PLEASE take a moment and learn the facts.

Confederate History — Dispelling the Myths

State Senator Charles Davison's Speech to Restore the Flag to Alabama Capitol

› Chuck Baldwin: The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered

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NEVADA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR: Fema Hiring Actors to Run Live Terror Drills

David Lory VanDerBeek
Nevada Governor Candidate 2014
April 27, 2013


The next time you see FEMA or DHS running a terror drill in your city will you be able to tell the difference between the real bystanders and those paid by FEMA as crisis actors? There has been much to do about the same people making repeated appearances at events such as the Batman Massacre, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and so forth. What if it isn’t a conspiracy? What if the government does bring in actors on the “scene” of shoot outs and bombings? What if they justify the use of actors to help the real victims remain calm? What if they use real events to enhance training and emergency response?

What if control freaks in the government use those drills to advance their own political agendas while Americans are none the wiser? …such as gun control…

Welcome to FEMA HSEEP Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program!

Here is where FEMA lays out policies and procedures for hiring actors, waivers, disaster makeup (i.e. blood and guts), local hospital participation, advanced media announcements, and post media releases. I hear what you’re saying. “Of course, they hire actors, David. How else can they train? They’ve been doing this for years.” That’s not the concern. The concern of many Americans including myself is the OUR GOVERNMENT IS STAGING FALSE FLAG TERRORIST EVENTS AND THEN USING ACTORS LIVE ON SCENE TO ADVANCE THE TERRORIST NARRATIVE. It’s like having actors intermingled with the real victims who cannot tell one another apart. The victims think all the victims are real. The actors thinks all victims are actually acting as part of the drill. Just type “crisis actors” into a search engine. Look they have their own website for their organization “Crisis Actors -Trained Players and Actors Making It Real.

How do you discern reality from fantasy when you are confronted with bloody events on television which you are powerless to influence? You can’t. You believe whatever the television tells you to believe. If the government is bringing actors on the scene of a live terrorist attack where is the line between reporting the news and making a movie? Do you remember when the government and media glorified private Jessica Lynch and made her into a female soldier icon for fight Iraqis when her companions were killed. In fact, the Pentagon worked with Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer to create movies allegedly based on real events like Lynch’s story that later proved utterly false. Hey kids, what do we call this? PROPAGANDA. This reads like a straight out of Nazi Germany. You know the Nazis took over media and entertainment and politicized everything including putting swastikas on candies. At least I don’t have to look at Obama’s ugly face on my M&M’s…yet…


DON'T MISS: Police admit they PLANNED Boston Bombing drill with backpacks, patriots, and 'eerie similarities' to the real event

Any how, I’ve copied the screen shots of the FEMA HSEEP program at the bottom of this post in case FEMA locks up the pages. I’ve also saved copies of their documents to release those to the America people in case FEMA has ideas about shutting this down as they did when I released information on their Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-Scale Exercise. No, I’m not joking. They also had one in San Diego in which the DHS trained at shooting “infected” people over and over and over… “The five-day Halo counterterrorism summit is an approved training event by the Homeland Security Grant Program and the Urban Areas Security Initiative, which provide funds to pay for the coursework on everything from the battleground tactics to combat wounds to cybersecurity.” Behold, your tax dollars at work…Hey the government is just preparing to mow the infected people down in the event of a pandemic and having some fun at the same time. The zombie effect helps the troops train by desensitizing their once human targets. Watch some of the FEMA actors at work below serving as a simulated live target practice and the people cheer…I mean, how else would you prepare for such an event without arousing public outrage? But regardless, the acting is TWO thumbs up, way up. I hope your sensing my contempt…Furthermore, if FEMA/FBI/DHS recruits you to participate in a drill, you sign a waiver, because that drill may be live and you could be killed…





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