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Feds now targeting the Amish? Automobile manufacturers cozying up to Big Tech companies. Bill Gates praises communist China for its totalitarian Covid response, after the virus was released by China. Sen. Ron Jonson's Second Opinion roundtable hearing on COVID-19 response reveals a very serious and dangerous transition is taking place in the medical industry. In the final hour, Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show joins us to talk about a range of topics including election fraud, corrupt local officials, communist Chinese infiltration and influence, and more.



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Show Notes

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Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show




Here is the link to the video about the Nazi doctors

I will provide links to articles written about the 2011 NGA-CCP governors in SLC in 2011 but I have to recover links from the internet archive first. Here is one recovered link from one of the articles:

Here is the article I wrote about Jeff Sessions and lowering the academic standards for entry into U.S. medical schools. It's in the section titled: Licensure Laws. It gives the Bill and the Amendment number.






Jacobs: Treat the Dashboard With Urgency

Amish Beard-Cutting Case

FBI arrests 7 Amish on hate crimes charges

Biden's ATF raids Amish dairy farmer, seizes firearm stash in potential 'rogue gun retailer' bust

ATF Seizes Firearms from Amish Dairy Farmer




Bill Gates Praises Commie Chinese For COVID Response And “Great Vaccines”

Sen. Johnson Hosts Experts for Discussion on U.S. Covid-19 Response

Sen. Ron Johnson Doctor Roundtable Hearing on Covid-19: A Second Opinion

Man Can’t Get Heart Transplant Because He’s Not Vaccinated Against COVID

Canadian 'freedom' truckers massive vaccine mandate protest convoy may smash world record

New York's Excelsior Pass

Illinois' Vax Verify

Michigan Immunization Portal,5885,7-339-73971_4911_4914_108156_108500_108507---F,00.html

Michigan: House Bill 4667 (2021) - Would Ban Vaccine Passports in Michigan, if passed

Doctor loses license, must have psych evaluation for COVID falsehoods, board says

Proposed State Law Would Make It Illegal to Request a Person’s Vaccine Status

Midwest hospital chain stops using race-based COVID-19 treatment plan amid backlash

Truck Drivers Protest Against Trucker Vaccine Rule at Canada-US Border

Group of BC truckers planning to join convoy across Canada to protest vaccine mandates

Novak Djokovic can't play French Open unless vaccinated, French Sports Ministry says

Triple-vaxxed top US general gets Covid-19

Rare Spinal Cord Condition Flagged as Potential Adverse Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines: EU Drug Regulator 




Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Per-Mileage Tax: Sounds Promising

Experts Are Ringing Alarms About Elon Musk’s Brain Implants