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Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Politicians set COVID shot goals. Western Australian government uses law, facilitating the supply and administration of "poison" to supply and administer the Big Pharma COVID jabs. Do they know something we don't? Public officials, politicians, employers, and others are in violation of the Nuremberg Code by mandating experimental shot. Tens of thousands of COVID injection recipients are getting very ill. People not receiving the injection are reporting side effects from those who have, which begs the question: are the COVID injections, themselves, contagious? We revisit the "chicken" leaky vaccine study. Strong-arm tactics and suppression of adverse reactions and other information. Rogan, Fauci, and the Wuhan lab.  The devastation and horrors of Bayer/Monsanto. Condominium and regional deconstruction, the implementation of corporate fascist world governance, and more.



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This is the article I'm working on.  I put a big note in front saying 'work in progress'

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