Govern America | March 6, 2021 | Flip Flop Fauci

Dr. Fauci's Waffles 


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COVID pork bill passed by Senate. FBI director Chris Wray blames summer riots on militias and "sovereign citizens". House Dems pass election rigging law. "No Show" Joe has his White House feed cut before he can take questions, while Kamela Harris talks to world leaders. Brookings globalists call for a global FDA. CIA and other bureaucrats work with entertainment industry to propagandize the public. The many flip flops of Fauci, America's most overpaid and overrated bureaucrat. Rothschilds patented COVID Big Brother system in 2015 and 2017. Pfizer demands immunity deals from Latin American countries as condition of distributing vaccines, proving they have no confidence in vaccine safety. COVID passports, digital IDs, Foreign Policy, the UN admits a New World Order is being built "behind closed doors", and more.



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I said this was Frontline, but it wasn't.  It was produced by HBO but notice that the CFR posted it. 28 minutes to hear Hank Paulsen say dispute between markets and political system - markets win. 

Here is a link to the podcast of Klaus Schwab talking about COVID and the Great Reset.

I did actually publish the post where I put it along with the quite about the Schwab meeting in 1983 that led to the initiation of the Uruguay Round in 1986 and the link of the podcast of Klaus Schwab above.

This original post date of that post was 2017 but I reworked it and republished it a couple of days ago.




Sen. Kevin McCarthy Rips COVID Spending Bill

Senate Debate on COVID Pork Bill




FBI Director Christopher Wray Congressional Testimony on What the Agency is Doing to Stop Radical Extremism

House Democrats Pass H.R. 1 Election Reform Bill in Tight Vote





White House Cuts Feed After Joe Biden Says He's Happy to Take Questions, Appears Confused

Kamala Harris Takes Call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Behalf of Joe Biden

Biden Confused During Speech in Texas

Joe Biden on Sexual Identity in Prison

Biden: "The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way, is no stones no longer mark our national mourning. Milestones I should say..."

Joe Biden: 'Jill Puts Notes On My Mirror… When I Shave, To Get Messages Across To Me'





Bookings Institution Panel on U.S.-China Cooperation on COVID-19

Five Questions for Ian Lipkin, the Scientist Who Designed Contagion's Virus

CIA Entertainment Industry Liaison
Wayback Machine archive:

CIA Office of Public Affairs

Original Fauci flip flop video from Washington Examiner

Only 1 child died of flu this season – down from nearly 200

Pfizer Demands Immunity Deals from Latin American Countries as Condition of Distributing Vaccines (No confidence in their own product!)

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more elderly than the virus itself: Report


System and Method for Testing for COVID-19

System and Method for Using, Biometric, and Displaying Biometric Data (2017 Patent)

Infectious Disease "Expert" Carol Baker: Since White People are Not Vaccine Compliant as Others, They Need to "Get Rid Of" White People

“We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States” – CDC Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunizations Lashes Out at White Americans

Whole towns are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico

Wendy Williams Tells Dr. Oz Doesn't Trust the Vaccine

Microsoft Creepy Promotional Cartoon for its "Daily Pass"

Axios on Next Generation Vaccines

Robert Menendez and Ben Cardin Argue for More Shots

Sen. Robert Menendez Receives Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Big Pharma

New Jersey is home to Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Chemical Companies

Sen. Ben Cardin receives lots of money from Big Pharma

EO Passports -Nancy Morgan Hart

Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel

Coming Soon: The ‘Vaccine Passport’

Vaccine Credential Initiative

Dystopia Now! – Surveillance Through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs, and Biometric Data

CDC Inflated COVID Numbers, Accused of Violating Federal Law

WHO (finally) admits PCR test is potentially flawed

Right On Cue For Biden, WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives

Michigan restaurants can reopen indoor dining with limited capacity, curfew on Feb. 1

"3 or 4 Masks!"

Contessa Brewer on CNBC, Selling Multiple Masking





Secretary of State Antony Blinken Foreign Policy Speech

"We Will Rise" UN Song: "A new world order, behind closed doors..." (starts at 2:25:34 into the video)