Govern America | October 7, 2017 | Harvest of Souls

Welcome to Las Vegas sign with dice in front of it that spell out "Game Over"


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Deep dive into the Sunday shooting that took place in Las Vegas. We examine Steve Paddock's ties to government, defense industry, and the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando. Many questions explored, including the question of multiple shooters. Analysis of the police radio traffic from that night, take a look at the family, and statements from the officials. Does this event have significance to the international system? Also, Inland ports, CANAMEX cooridor, a heated debate about technology, and more.


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Police Scanner Audio (Courtesy Broadcastify)


 Las Vegas Police Codes

Las Vegas shooter worked for predecessor of Lockheed Martin — Security Clearance?


'Multiple' people injured after car 'ploughs into pedestrians outside London's Natural History Museum'

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Social Media Insanity

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Red Square at Mandalay Bay


Las Vegas shooter worked for predecessor of Lockheed Martin — Security Clearance?

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Sheriff Press Conference: Shooter Must Have Had Help

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Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NYC bombing

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'They took too long to take him out': Veteran, who alerted the cops to Vegas gunman's EXACT location, demands to know why it took more than an hour for the hotel room to be raided as it's revealed officers waited outside for more than 24 minutes

SSRI Stories: Documents Links Between Killers and Prescription Drugs

Chris Bethel on CBS News

Trump pays tribute in Vegas, dodges gun control debate

Donald Trump Shuts Down Gun Control: ‘We’re Not Going to Talk About That Today’

Statistician Leah Libresco Changes Mind on Gun Control Due to Her Own Research

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.