Govern America | July 30, 2016 | Take Your Joy!

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Host: Darren Weeks


We do a deep dive on the chaos of the convention and expand upon what the happenings of the past week proves. Obama is opening the door to more migrants, but there is also a mass exodus taking place. The TPP and TTIP looms as a continuing threat, which will likely be addressed post-election. We examine some of the groups and funding behind Black Lives Matter. People guilty of being white now have a place to go to pay retribution for that “crime”. Virtually reality catches up with the reality forced druggings. Is Microsoft providing us a vision of our future?


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Show Notes

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Hillary Clinton Heckled by Bernie Supporters During Speech

DNC Resorts to White Noise Machines to Drown out Delegates in Bernie States During Hillary’s Speech

Bernie Supporters PISSED After Finding out He Actually Won the First Roll Call (but DNC Tossed It to Hillary)

Did The DNC Hire Actors (At Below Minimum Wage) To Work At The Convention?

Democrat Convention in Trouble? Claim of Actors Hired to Fill Empty Seats And Clap

CRAIGS LIST AD: Actors Needed For National Convention (Philadelphia)

Hillary Says Trump Is Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate Ever – But She Is

Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes

Lying Hillary Doll     H/T to Larry




Number of Americans renouncing their citizenship near record highs

Obama Administration Expands Refugee Program for Central Americans

Trade Trap: EU as Model for Misnamed TPP, TTIP

Top US trade official: Rejecting the TPP would hand China the 'keys to the castle' on globalization




Black Lives Matter Threatens To Take Over 5 States And Form A New Country

Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter

There Is Now A Marketplace For White People To Make Reparations Payments





Nightmarish Video Game Depicts A World Where Everyone Is Forced to Take Antidepressants