Govern America Radio Stream (Updated)

UPDATE 6/7/19 1:45am Eastern Daylight Time:

We have encountered more problems. It appears the upgrade, mentioned previously, has broken a few things on the website. We are still assessing the situation, and will be attempting to address the problems we find in the coming days. These problems do not affect the stream, however. You should be receiving the stream. If not, then try rebooting your Internet modem / router to clear its cache. You can also follow this link for instructions on how to clear your Windows cache, or this one for Mac, if necessary. 

KNOWN ISSUES WITH THE WEBSITE: Certain modules not working properly, such as the "Random Liberty Quote" on the main page. Also, the Agenda 21 News section is now empty. There are also other "under the hood" items which need repairing, that won't be as visible to website visitors.

If you find something that isn't quite looking as it should, feel free to drop me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

UPDATE 6/7/19 12:48am Eastern Daylight Time:

Propagation of the DNS information took much longer than it should have.

First, a little explanation...

We deliberately use a subdomain of for all of the streaming services to access. We do this because there are times when changes to a streaming server is necessary and, rather than notifying all of them separately of a change, it is much easier to do a five minute update to DNS information and — under normal circumstances — in a few hours the DNS propagates and everything is fine.


After waiting a day and a half for the DNS to propagate, with no results, we finally placed a call to our technical support staff. After some investigation, they determined that the issue was a software upgrade that needed to be applied to our web server operating system. Apparently, the outdated software had ceased communicating DNS information with its peers. This meant that all DNS information already in the system continued to function, but changes were not being communicated up the chain to the DNS hierarchy, so that they would take effect.

As soon as the upgrade was complete, the DNS information was immediately propagated upon demand, since the caches of the DNS servers have long had time to expire.

What this all means, is that we should be back to normal now... the birds should sing, the sky will be blue, world peace should break out, Dick Cheney will go to Gitmo, and Hillary Clinton to prison.

Okay, we can't guarantee any of this, but you can at least listen to the Govern America Radio stream again.

Thank you for your patience.



listenThe stream for Govern America Radio had been unreliable. In an attempt to alleviate the problem, our stream hosting provider has moved us to a new Shoutcast server.

This means that we have had to make a domain name server (DNS) change, on our end, to point everything to a new IP address. Unfortunately, DNS changes take 24 to 48 hours to propagate throughout the web universe. In the meantime, the stream will not be available to everyone.

After the propagation process completes — meaning that DNS servers around the world flush their caches and acquire the latest data — everyone should then be able to access the stream.

Thanks for your patience.