Julian Assange on the move? Wikileaks boss has been issued with a new Australian passport

Via The Daily Mail, February 22, 2019:


Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012Julian Assange has been issued with a new Australian passport clearing the way for him to finally leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The Wikileaks founder has lived in the embassy in Knightsbridge since 2012...

An official at Australia's department of foreign affairs and trade confirmed yesterday that 'Mr Assange does have an Australian passport'.

The timing is good for Mr Assange as there had been talk Ecuador was seeking to end his asylum.

The Courage Foundation claimed his expulsion from the embassy was imminent in January, which put him at risk of extradition to the United States.

Mr Assange has long maintained the he faces charges under seal in the US for revealing highly sensitive government information on his website.