Carrot juice again: Curing an older woman's pelvis fracture

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 by: Paul Fassa


(NaturalNews) If you had serious doubts about an earlier Natural News story on how a woman cured her cancer with carrot juice, as recommended to her by another who had done the same, here's another carrot juice story that should blow your mind. [1]

It was revealed by Natural News journalist Jonathan Landsman when he interviewed 90-year-old Charlotte Gerson about her incredible recovery from her pelvis fracture. [1a]

Charlotte Gerson is the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, who had developed a dietary and detox approach for curing cancer during the 1920s. Originally, Gerson had developed his unique health-restoring approach for tuberculosis. But when a dying cancer patient insisted that Dr. Gerson try it on her, he reluctantly honored her request. She was cured.