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Lawmakers Taking Another Crack at Expanding Gun Checks
Internet at a Crossroads:  Government surveillance threatens how we communicate
Government spying may be degrading cell phone service
Major security flaw in Apple & Google devices caused by government fight against strong encryption
Obama sharply criticizes China's plans for new technology rules
House tech subcommittee chair denounces FCC net neutrality rules
U.S. faces 90,000 doctor shortage by 2025, medical school association warns
DESTROYING AMERICA IS A BI-PARTISAN EFFORT:  Congress sends Homeland bill to Obama without conditions  /// Boehner submits to Obama's executive amnesty
 DICTATOR:  Obama 'very interested' in raising taxes through executuve action
Shots Fired Near NSA Headquarters, Building Damaged
RECOVERY?  Target to cut jobs as part of $2B cost-savings plan
Political Agenda Over Reality:  Guns Labeled 'Health Crisis'
Global debt has grown by $57 trillion in seven years following the financial crisis
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Department
Food riots break out as Ukraine government collapses
US govt issues logistics support tender for 300 military personnel in Ukraine
AVG Technologies invents 'invisibility glasses' to protect users against facial recognition software
ECONOMIC WARFARE:  Rampant inflation means Russians are spending half their incomes on food this year
IMF bent its rules to hobble Greece with unsustainable debt
Spain using social media to hunt for taxes
Pakistan's mobile phone owners told: be fingerprinted or lose your sim card
Presidents should be able to declare economic emergencies: Bernanke
Cleveland Mayor Forced to Apologize for Claiming 12-Year-Old Shot by Police Was Responsible for his own Death
Obama’s hypocritical stance on China’s plan to require backdoors in tech products
Russia Today faces inquiry over anti-western comments in Ukraine debate
Deadly bacteria release sparks concern at high-security Louisiana lab for vaccine research on pathogen that escaped
Smart Cities Council:  Partners
Obama Signs Executive Order Encouraging Private-Sector Companies To Share Cyber Security Information
Ukraine Enters Hyperinflation: Currency Trading Halted, "Soon We Will Walk Around With Suitcases For Cash"
U.S. Arms Kiev By Laundering Weapons Through Abu Dhabi
PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX:  Revenue Opportunity: Charging Families for Transferring Money to Prisoners
Protesters against fast-tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to hold rallies outside US Rep. Richard Neal's Springfield and Pittsfield offices
NYPD forcing cops to watch old Patrick Swayze movie to learn how to ‘be nice’
Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep
ANCHORS ON SINKING SHIP OF MAINSTREAM PROPAGANDA:  Bill O'Reilly twisted truth on 'war zone' account, says former CBS colleague
ISIL plans to capture Lebanese territories, declare emirate
FEAR FACTOR:  NYPD Takes ‘Precautionary Measures’ Following Threat Against U.S. Shopping Malls
Putin: Ukraine Decision To Cut-Off Gas To East Bears Hallmarks of Genocide
Liam Fox calls for western arming of Ukraine   /// FLASHBACK:  Former British Defense Secretary Liam Fox in Bed with Military Industrial Complex
Russia, Cyprus Sign Military Port Deal
Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians
Israel opens dams, floods people of Gaza out of their homes
Britain's Tony Abbott plans to revoke citizenship from "extremists"  (Who is an extremist?  Anyone who disagrees w/ the government!)
FBI employee faced retaliation after blowing the whistle inside Bureau about agents stealing items from Ground Zero
Brazil cop casts demon out of suspect who later thanked him  (Had this "suspect" been in the U.S., he would have likely been tased or beaten to death by our badged bullies)
IRS Lois Lerner received $129,000 in bonuses while targeting political enemies  (Who says crime doesn't pay?)
Socialist Joe Biden calls for 'emancipation' of people's wealth  (Let's start with yours, rich guy!)
SENATE REPUBLICANS WAVE WHITE FLAG ON AMNESTY  (Still think there's any difference between these parties? Seriously, you're NOT that stupid, are you?)
Jeb Bush: Immigrant workers would lift our spirits dramatically (Meet new guard, same as the old guard)
Leprosy cases on rise in Florida  (We suppose the anti-vaccine people are to blame for this one too, and this has NOTHING to do with the fact that they are purposely flooding the country with third-world migrants, right?)
Families of Americans murdered by released illegals to testify before House  (Don't expect any of traitorous scumbags to actually listen, however!)
BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!  Amnesty Recipients Could Recieve $35k In Tax Benefits In Single Year
OBAMACARE:  HHS says abortion will be provided for illegals
Transhumanism:  Scientists fly drone with their mind
First full body transplant is two years away, surgeon claims
Austrian men to get mind-controlled bionic hands
HEADS UP!  Secret Service to hold drone exercises over Washington D.C.
CONSOLIDATION OF WEALTH:  Hyper-Luxury Cars Now Selling Faster Than Normal Ones
Red China drops leading technology brands for state purchases  (Gee, we thought nations weren't allowed to engage in "protectionism" in this new globalist Hell-hole paradigm)
Communist China Is Creating a New Economic World Order Right Under the West’s Nose
GOV'T REGULATION = SUNSET OF FREE INTERNET:  EFF takes issue with FCC 'general conduct' rule
Republicans Fear Net Neutrality Plan Could Lead to UN Internet Powers  (Why don't the Republicans stop it, then? They have the power!)
FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote  (The GOP could defund the agency if they wanted. They control both houses of Congress; there's no excuse for their allowing this administrative arrogance and power grab by the executive branch. This is a perfect example as to how both parties work together in tandem for the destruction of our country.)
Soros & Ford Foundation shovel $196M to "Net Neutrality" groups  (Still think this is about a "free and open" Internet? Suckers!)
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: Net Neutrality is a "Solution That Won't Work to a Problem That Doesn't Exist"  (Exactly what we said January 3rd on Govern America — "a problem that doesn't exist")
Hillary Clinton Endorses FCC’s Title II Designation for the Internet:  "It's a foot in the door"
Hillary Clinton Blames ‘Different Media’ For Dividing Country
HILLARY CLINTON ON THE INTERNET, 1998:  "We are all going to have to rethink how we deal with this, because there are all these competing values ... Without any kind of editing function or gatekeeping function, what does it mean to have the right to defend your reputation?"
Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting  (Note: Leaders from Republic of Texas are scheduled to appear on Govern America this Saturday, February 28th to discuss the raid)
iTRACK:  Apple Patents Technology to Locate Switched-Off iPhones
Hacker remotely bricks cars in Texas
BAIL INs HAVE BEGUN:  J.P. Morgan to start charging big clients fees on some deposits
DOJ investigating bank gold manipulation (Cartel investigating mafia handlers? Anyone taking bets that no one will go to prison?)
75% of air and rain samples contaminated with Monsanto's Roundup
Communist Chinese plan to build 'New York of Africa'
4,000 pages of StingRay surveillance documents obtained by EPIC
US government and private sector developing ‘precrime’ system to anticipate cyber-attacks
The government can go back in time and listen to calls you made before you were a target
States predict inmates' future crimes with secretive surveys
Drones Intercepting Cell Phone Signals in L.A., Tracking Exact Locations of Consumers
Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Police Operating Domestic Black Site
School cops pepper spray, rough up 78-year-old grandma w/ cupcakes
Is Oil Returning To $100 Or Dropping To $10?
PROXY WAR:  Britain to send 'military advisers' to Ukraine to fight Russian-backed separatists
Gazprom claims Ukraine could run out of gas in two days
Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

Older Items

Your privacy online: Health information at serious risk of abuse
LATEST OBAMACARE FIASCO:  A million wrong tax forms sent out
Exposure to Falling Oil Prices Driving Global Defaults and Slowdown
JPMorgan, Still On 2-Year Probation, Under Scrutiny in Gold Fixing Probe
DOJ announces it will not file charges against Zimmerman for Martin shooting
CIA looks to expand its cyber espionage capabilities
Pakistanis pressured to give government biometric information for national database
Woman wakes to 'peeping tom' drone
MIND CONTROL: Future vacations to be uploaded to our brains?
Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
GLOBAL WARMING?  Snow on the ground in 48 states
IT SURE IS GETTING HOT!  Winter Storm Brings Snow & Ice to Texas, Deep South and Rockies
Coldest Months On Record in Detroit?
Ann Arbor hasn't been this cold since 1900
Cleveland hasn't been this cold since 1873
Bostonians begging God to make snow stop
UNITED NATIONS:  2015 'pivotal' for finalizing 'climate change' agreement
Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain, warn scientists ("Conspiracy theorists" correct again?)
Drones track mobile device locations
STINGRAY: Secrecy around police surveillance equipment proves a case’s undoing
Texas Governor: Since Jan. 1, 'We Have Had More Than 20,000 People Come Across the Border'
Dem. Rep: Amnesty Fight Will Decide Who Controls Country for Next 30 Years
Net Neutrality regs will make Internet slow as in Europe, warn FCC, FEC commissioners
Republican FCC Commissioners Ask Wheeler To Delay Net Neutrality Vote, Release Proposal
Michigan auto supplier Burke E. Porter to sell to communist Chinese firm for $90M
Despite potential new safety rules, Shell urged to shut down Arctic drilling ops
More watchful eye needed on 'dark Web' and cybercriminal activities, notes new paper

Arizona's largest power utility authored letter to feds crackdown on solar industry

TV News and the Idea of Truth
Media watchdog laments global decline in press freedoms
The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it
Countrywide/BoA Whistleblower Fighting for His Life
Spy agencies could be funding geo-engineering research in pursuit of weaponising the weather, scientists claims
Research misconduct often unreported in published studies
When Silicon Valley takes LSD
Making Me Pay For My Crimes Would Send “Message of Uncertainty to the Markets”: Bank President to Spanish Judge
U.S. Banks Hoard $2 Trillion of Ultra-Safe Bonds
Russian Snap Military Drill ‘Could Turn Into Assault on Baltic Capital’
The Spy Cables: A glimpse into the world of espionage
DHS Secretary Warns as DHS Bill Comes Up: 'If Anyone Is Planning to Go to The Mall...'
‘No credible plot’: DHS distances itself from chief’s ‘mall terror threat’ warnings
U.S. staged mock mall attacks to test readiness after Kenya siege, official says
DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat
Congressional Research Service finds renewed focus on domestic terrorism
VIDEO: ADL Official At Extremist Event Falsely States 95% of Terrorism In US From White Supremacists
Saudi King’s Counter-Terror Event Hosted by Group Accused of Terror-Financing, Promoting Intolerance
Keeping Fear Alive: As DHS shutdown looms, Jeh Johnson Issues Terror Warning To Mall of America Customers
Big Pharma: America's New Mafia
Prisoners revolt over poor conditions at for-profit Texas prison
Bill Gates Sets New World Order Conspiracy Theories On Fire With Global Government Quote
Egypt’s El Sisi calls for joint Arab military force
Communist China's island-buidling spree is about more than military might
Oregon mulls banning personal belief exemption for vaccines
NY lawmakers vote to destroy illegal ID info in the event of 'Tea Party' president
Scientists Say All the World’s Data Can Fit on a DNA Hard Drive the Size of a Teaspoon
MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX:  Obama to sell armed drones to more counties
Operation Choke-Point Worse Than We Thought
New Clinton scandal ignites before Hillary is even a candidate
Four-Star Admiral Makes HUGE Announcement About Obama & Muslim Brotherhood
CNN Makes a BIG Foreign Policy Blunder; Costello Forced to Apologize After Banner At Bottom of Screen Actually Told the Truth!
CNN says ISIS lures Western women with pictures of Nutella, kittens, emoji
Millennials ditching their TV sets at a record rate
DEAL:  ISIS terrorists 'to be given power to call in US air strikes'
Brain-Altering Devices Now Available
Sophisticated surveillance techniques that are all around you
“Make Arrests, Issue Tickets or Get Fired” Missouri Police Caught in Disgusting Quota Scheme
Cops No-Knock Raid, Stomp Necks, Destroy & Nearly Burn Down Home– To Find Broken Pot Pipe
Arizona State University police officer resigns after caught on video slamming professor to the ground for jaywalking
UK Police Forces Have Secret Facial Recognition Database Of 18 Million People, Many Innocent
GCHQ Will Have To Start Letting Everyone Know Whether Or Not They've Been Illegally Spied On
Chief Political Commentator of The Telegraph Resigns Over HSBC Coverage – Calls it “A Fraud on its Readers”
Census Bureau: 30.3% Millennials Still Living With Their Parents
Minnesota paper apologizes for calling Obama an 'Assclown' (LOL! How dare they speak the truth!)
Fed minutes indicate no rush to raise rates
NY Fed Report: Student Loan Debt Piles Up; Now at $1.16 Trillion
Negative interest rates: Coming to America?
Did Eric Holder just give the bankers a "Get Out of Jail Free" card?
Prosecutor Asks for Charges Against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to Be Dropped
Defense: Case against DSK 'collapsed' on its own
Accusations against DSK 'withdrawn'
DSK TRIAL FLASHBACK:  'Credibility Issues'
Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline To Avoid Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st
Greek prosecutor issues arrest warrant against alleged CIA agent over wiretapping scandal
FEDERAL MAFIA:The secret world of government debt collection
USDA Has Approved Genetically-Modified Evergreen Apples
Most honey contains glyphosates, the main ingredient in Roundup
CIA controls mass media like the NY Times, Time Magazine and much more
Video: Like Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton also lied about taking fire in a war zone
Ukraine now a 'crisis for Russia and West', says ex-MI6 boss
NSA Braces for New Leaks
HUGE SPY PROGRAM EXPOSED: NSA has hidden software in hard drives around the world
Could the NSA turn your hard drive into a cyber spy?
NSA has ability to embed spying software in computer hard drives, including yours
New Talking Barbie Can Have 2-Way Conversations With Kids and Records Children's Conversations
Google:  FBI Plan to Expand Hacking Power a 'Monumental' Constitutional Threat
Syrian refugee program called 'back door for jihadists'
General Wesley Clark: "ISIS Got Started Through Funding From Our Friends & Allies"
UNAFFORDABLE CARE:  Woman loses health insurance three times under ObamaCare
More women delay childbirth, freezing eggs
Hong Kong leaders tells people to act like sheep (American people have that one down pat)
NOT-SO-SUPER 8:  Hotel Kicks Homeless Couple Out Of Pre-Paid Room into Dangerously-Frigid Temps Because They Lacked ID
Italian Senate moves to outlaw Holocaust denial
Florida Law Officer: “Planting evidence, lying in reports, just part of the game!”
“Officer of the Year” Admits to Raping 20 Male Immigrants, Not Charged as Sex Offender
Ban on government license plate scanners nearing reality in Montana
Swatting: The fun new hobby where you get SWAT teams to storm innocent people's houses
In Rare Move, Local Cops Reveal Details To Judges On “Stingray” Use
The Face Detection Algorithm Set To Revolutionize Image Search And Destroy Privacy
MIT Professor Explains The Vaccine Autism Connection
NYU Professor Uncovers How the FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud and Misconduct in Drug Trials
HOW ABOUT A LITTLE 'GLOBAL WARMING'?  Frostbite Can Set In 'Within Minutes'
NEVER GOING SEE SNOW AGAIN, HUH?  17 amazing photos of record-breaking US snow
ATF Proposes Legislation that Would Ban Ammo For AR-15s
Robot cops that can 'intimidate and display a sense of authority' to patrol streets as early 2016
Law proposed to keep police officers' names secret when they shoot people
Dashcam Records Cop Turning Camera Off While Officers Allegedly Beat and Tase Teen
Alabama cop arrested for paralyzing 57-year-old Indian man
PREVENTING DISSENT:  Britain's new police state will make radicals of everyone
MI5 accused of covering up sexual abuse at boys’ home
Montana tyrant wants women to serve 5 years in prison for wearing yoga pants
Schools treat E-cigarettes as drug paraphernalia
Spook agencies fund climate research to find perfect weather weapon, scientist fears
Scientists seek international authority on climate geoengineering
Peña Nieto Wants to Keep Oil Privatization Deals Secret
Communist China sells fighter jets to Argentina which are able to attack Falkland Islands
Libyan oil pipeline sabotaged; Gunmen storm Sirte officies
Priest banned from using social media sites for 6 months after connecting Israel to 9/11
INCARCERATION NATION:  U.S. prison population has exploded over the last 100 years
FBI Says All Public Records Requests For Stingray Documents Must Be Routed Through It
TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP:  Hollywood seeks prison time for file-sharing
Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes:  A Scientific Experiment Run Amok
Unemployment Killing 45,000 People Each Year
Britain preps for deflation for first time since 1960s
G.M.O. Apples Are Approved for Growing in the United States
U.S. Navy plan for base in Darwin will upset China
'LIBERATED' UKRAINE:  5yrs for ‘denying Russian aggression’: Ukraine may criminalize anti-war speech
Cleveland Fed (Accidentally?) Links to Paper Extremely Critical of US Monetary Exchange Interventions During the Bretton Woods Era; Pulls Paper
Merck MMR Vaccine Failed to Protect Thousands from Mumps
The FDA Is Hiding Scientific Fraud, And You Should Be Pissed
US escalating ‘secret war’ in Afghanistan
Cop fired after handcuffing, Macing fellow officer in front of shocked mayor
The Social Science Behind DARPA’s Plan to Map Out the Dark Web

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