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U.S.-Cuba deal to restore ties to be unveiled on Wednesday
Major counter-terror drill unfolds in heart of London
GREECE:  Scavenging from bins has become a way to survive
U.S. NATIONAL DEBT FROZEN AT $18,112,975,000,000 FOR 15 WEEKS
2nd Michigan earthquake in 2 months puzzles scientists
FBI investigating 11 [alleged] attacks on San Francisco-area Internet lines
Feds predicted surge of illegals, see another 127,000 this year
HALF of NYC public school students don't speak English at home
Sacramento school district 80% minority
USA admits 100,000 Muslim immigrants every year
KING & DICTATOR:  Obama defies federal judge, fails to rescind wrongly issued amnesties
Archaeologists call on feds to protect Chaco Canyon area
'Smell fingerprint' could identify every human on Earth, study says
NORAD, US Northern Command to Participate with Mexican Air Force in Tactical Exercise
Study says consumption of antibiotics will increase by 67 percent
Deal Reached: Wireless Remote Drug-Releasing Microchip Implants On The Assembly Line
U.S. Will Resume Sending Weapons to Bahrain Despite Ongoing Repression
Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows
California Legislature passes strict school vaccine bill
Israeli defense official: ‘Syria is gone’
Police Shoot THOUSANDS of Rounds At UNARMED Drivers and Get Away With It
WHO re-classifies Agent Orange herbicide as 'carcinogenic'
Australia and China sign free trade agreement
F-35 Gets Its Clock Cleaned by 1970s Era Fighter
Helicopter Cops Broadcast their Talk About Giving Each Other Fellatio — To Entire Town
GCHQ secret unit involved in domestic internet manipulation - report
Judge Rules Police Can't Block Defense Lawyer from Seeing Waco Motorcycle Club Massacre Video Footage (What do the police have to hide?)
Iceland sends corrupt bankers to jail for up to four and a half years (unlike in the U.S., where bankers are "too big" to jail)
Did environmentalist extremist policies help create the Greek debt crisis?
Survey of 382 U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Shows Far Greater Concern about Anti-Government Extremists than about Islamic Terrorists
LA weighs rules to lock up handguns, police union wants exemptions
Judge orders Brady Center to pay legal fees of ammo company after nuisance suit
Turkey Plans To Invade Syria
SCOTUS issues opinion against Obama administration over air pollution rule
Sovietizing of American Society
States can stop sexual deviant marriage
Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma lethal injection process
“Just Say Anything!” – The US Responds to the UN Review of its Human Rights Record
Greece: Why Is a Nation of 11 Million Causing Stock Market Losses Around the World Today?
New Thousand Page Pentagon War Manual Potentially Lumps Journalists in with “Unprivileged Belligerents”
KING & DICTATOR:  Obama Issues 19 Classified Directives Changing Laws Passed by Congress
Obama signs Fast Track Authority
​Israeli military escorts Gaza-bound aid flotilla flagship to port of Ashdod
UK No Longer Shocked at Establishment Sex Abuse Cover Ups
IMF has made €2.5 billion profit out of Greece loans
Big money: pump and dump as a way of life
Greek Contagion Spreads As Several Italian Bank Stocks Failed To Open
DHS/Police say criminals drive cars that's why they're using a new infrared license plate scanning system
11,500 U.S. visas stolen in Mexico
Central Bank of Central Banks Warns That World is Unprepared to Fight Global Crash
Puerto Rico is on the verge of default
57 countries set to sign on to China-backed investment bank AIIB
Federal Legislation Takes Aim at Mexican Gray Wolf Program
Cities, Farms, Orchards Fight for Water as California Shuts Faucets
Is California trying to take Arizona's water?
BLM defends its over $1 million in Burning Man requests
BLM wants $1 million VIP compound from Burning Man; officials push back
Feds announce additional Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative sites to prepare natural resources for climate change
The General Dynamics, Saudi Arabia contract and Canada’s moral regress
DARPA: We Are Engineering the Organisms That Will Terraform Mars
IRS Awarded Contracts to 17 Corporations that Owed Back Taxes (Including One with a Felony Conviction)
Goldman Explains Who Gets Stuck With The Bill When Greece Leaves The Party
Poppy yields the final secret to making morphine
Texas, Other States Challenge EPA Over New Water Rule
New workers’ compensation ruling could cost local farmers
Feds defend Utah prairie dogs rules in closely watched case
Wolves kill domestic animals in eastern Oregon
US Admits Paying Terrorists For Services Rendered In Syria
Black Chamber of Commerce: EPA Clean Air Plan Will Increase Black Poverty 23%, Strip 7,000,000 Black Jobs
Greens intensify fight for higher energy royalties
Baltimore Police Called Out For Making Up ‘Gang Violence’ Stories To Scare Public
CIA photos of black sites, naked prisoners during transfer could complicate Guantanamo 'trials'
YOUR "CREDIBLE" NEWS MEDIA:  CNN thinks comedy dildo flag at London Gay Pride is "ISIS FLAG"
Russia to ban Coca-Cola and Pepsi
The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS
“Risk of Collapse” and “Panic” in the Air, China Cuts Rates
Uber Faces Another Privacy Complaint - Tracking Users After Leaving Car?
Why We’re Headed Toward a “Cashless Society”
Confederate Flag:  Why banning things almost never works
Obama: Rockefeller’s man in the White House close to total victory
Terrorism Scare Shuts Down Highway 163 in Mission Valley
The United States supported the secret supply of weapons to Libyan rebels
‘Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice
Controversial autism researcher, Jeff Bradstreet, commits suicide after FDA raid in Buford, authorities say
The Market Detonation You’re Ignoring: “The Chinese Market Is In An All-On Crash”
TIME MAG ON SCOTUS HOMO DECISION:  Christians must now learn to live as exiles in own country
Supreme Court says government must pay just compensation for ALL property they seize — NOT just land
SCOTUS Rules Against The Raisin Ripoff — A Small Win Against The Dead Hand Of The New Deal
Interior chief: Bundy will be held accountable
Out of Order:  Thousands of ATMs have been Cleaned out In Greece
Lady Rothschild: Capitalism Should Be Socialism
CIA photos of black sites, naked prisoners during transfer could complicate Guantanamo 'trials'
Pentagon paying monthly stipends to Syrian rebels (aka ISIS) to eventually fight Assad and invoke regime change
ISIL: Made in Langley and propped up by Tel Aviv and Riyadh
Muse’s “The Handler” : A Song about a Mind Control Slave Singing to His Handler
Scientists Say Geo-Engineering the Sky Necessary to Save Coral Reefs
DARPA's brain chip program
Hastert Allegations Open Window To History of Satanic Ritual Abuse Of Children
Defense Dept. Employees Used Government Charge Cards at “Adult Entertainment Establishments” 900 Times in One Year
EPA Knew EMFs Were a “Probable Human Carcinogen” Decades Ago and Covered It Up
Facebook becomes Godzilla news outlet for disinformation
Challenge: what US federal legislator will dare to get arrested over the TPP?
The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’
Big Investors Are Dropping Stocks Like Hot Potatoes
Corporate Media Claim of ''Alawite Regime'' In Syria Debunked
Utah County Issues State of Emergency As It Morphs Into a Ghost Land
Albuquerque Cops Who Shot Mentally Ill Homeless Man Now Face Less Severe Charges
Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia
New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants
2 dead, 2 badly injured in shooting at Vaughan, Ont., cafe
Does The IMF Actually Want To Cause A Greek Debt Default?
PM Tsipras says Greek creditors didn’t accept reform plan
Terrifying Cockroach Bot Can Squeeze Through Tiniest of Gaps
Most illegal immigrants from border surge skipped court date after release
Obama extending amnesty to illegals in prisons, jails
Electric cars may be worse for the environment than gas-powered
White House makes public health pitch for climate change action
Interior Department Releases Report Detailing $40 Billion of National Park Assets at Risk from Sea Level Rise
Aging hippies camping in the woods
Shell faces walrus roadblock in Alaska
Ten Years Later, the Seizure of Private Property in Kelo Hasn’t Done Anything for the Public
Clean Water Act threatens private property rights
Tribe Urges Federal Court to Block BLM Fracking Rule
NCBA warns of lawsuit over Waters of the U.S.
Florida wildlife managers agree to rework panther policy
Meet The Startup That Wants To Make Vertical Farming Mainstream
An Australian cattle dynasty is selling the largest land property on Earth for $325 million
Judge: Homeland Security violated FOIA by Refusing to Respond to Request for Records
Homeland Security found in violation of open-records law
Jellyfish-lamb Hybrid Ends Up as Meat at French Slaughterhouse
Researchers explore ways to decrease conflicts between people, livestock and dangerous predators
Fence-cutting vandals costing railroads & ranchers thousands
Federal judge temporarily halts BLM fracking rule
Amazon Bans Sale of Confederate Gear, But Nazi Memorabilia Freely Available
The White House Wants Your Doctor To Teach You About Global Warming
Oslo creates world's first 'highway' to protect endangered bees
EPA to Study Impact of Pesticides on Endangered Species
Ute Tribe seeks to join lawsuit against BLM 'fracking' rule
Fish & Wildlife Service Destroys a Literal Ton of Ivory
Greek Parliament Will Reject To Ratify The Current Proposal – Will The Government Fall?
U.S. Government Sued for Post-9/11 Kidnappings
Washington Think Tank Wants to Arm America with Small Tactical Nukes
U.S. to pre-position tanks, artillery in Baltics, eastern Europe
US deploying 250 military vehicles 'incl. Abrams tanks' near Russian border
NSA spied on French presidents: WikiLeaks
Were Active Shooter Drills Taking Place In Charleston During Church Shooting?
DHS 'Charleston Active Shooter Threat Training Drill' 15 - 19 June 2015
Major retailers ban the ultimate symbol of states rights and freedom for all races: the confederate flag
State Senator Reveals True, Buried History of the Confederate Flag and Slavery (must read!)
Confederate Flag a Symbol of Racism? Then, Ban "Old Glory" Too!
US Senate Passes 2016 NDAA as the Country Mourns for Charleston
Under US corporate-run media blackout, Pacific 'trade' pact moves step nearer after Senate vote
US criminal economics: TPP secret treaty = ‘constitutional republic,’ debt = ‘money’, 500 million+ dead from poverty = ‘necessary.’ Had enough to demand arrests?
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership 'Trade' Pact Gives Corporations Special Legal Rights
Forced Vaccine Bill Author Sen. Pan Was Top Recipient of Big Pharma Cash
Bionic Lens Will Give You Superhuman Vision (3 x 20/20)
AGENDA 21:  Bug burger anyone? Insect-based grub could hit Swiss groceries next year
One-Third Of All Americans Are On The Edge Of Financial Ruin
Why are Bill Gates and Monsanto Funding A “Doomsday” Seed Vault?
US to Supply Weapons, Troops for NATO 'Rapid Reaction' Force in Europe
Uber says it might track your location even when you're not using the app; privacy watchdog files complaint
Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed
Warren Buffett: Derivatives Are Still Weapons Of Mass Destruction And ‘Are Likely To Cause Big Trouble’
Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ''It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year''
US Government Finally Admits Agent Orange Poisoned Troops
Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses "Red Line", Will Accept Bailout Extension
Why are we building a research center full of deadly diseases in the tornado capital of the world?
Emails Show Jonathan Gruber Played Bigger Role with Obama Administration on Healthcare Than Previously Admitted
Monsanto Protection Act Part 2? New Bill Introduced Spells Bad News For GMO Activists
Goldman's "Conspiracy Theory" Stunner: A Greek Default Is Precisely What The ECB Wants
Controversial GCHQ Unit Engaged in Domestic Law Enforcement, Online Propaganda, Psychology Research

Older Items

Dad Calls Cops On Son To Teach Him A Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead
Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator
How Will Russia Respond To Asset Seizure Over Yukos Settlement?
Russia And Saudi Arabia Sign Six Deals, Agree To A Petroleum Alliance
Pentagon chief planning for longer-term rift with Russia
Churches are using facial recognition software to spy on members
CHARLESTON SHOOTING – There’s More to the Story Than We’ve Been Told
US and British Spies Targeted Antivirus Companies
Police Killed More Americans In 2014 Than All U.S. Mass Shootings Combined
No Rolling Mainstream Media Coverage Of Two OTHER Mass Shootings
Deaths From Prescription Drug Overdoses an 'Epidemic' Rise Across America
FDA & FTC mull homeopathy's future
“Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards”: The Alice in Wonderland World of Fast-tracked Secret Trade Agreements
US stations 1,200 special forces in Asia-Pacific
Water wars in California's coastal wine country
Pope joins the EU in a sad world of make-believe
Free Range Parents Cleared: CPS Declares Kids Playing Outside Alone is Not Neglect (How noble of them! CPS garbage, harrassing and terrorizing families, for no reason, are a menace. THEY are the ones who should be prosecuted for violation of public trust.)
Afghanistan explosion: Taliban suicide bomber, gunmen attack parliament building in Kabul, police say
Private Property - The Cornerstone
Which Kills More Birds? Oil Spills, or Windmills?
Jurassic World of Genetically Modified Simulacra
Whistle blower reveals secret U.S. program to recruit, train, and provide visas to ‘terrorists’
Hungary, Greece, Cyprus to Restart Food Trade With Russia Despite Sanctions
Glued to the Screen: A Third Grade Class Where Kids Spend 75% of the Day on iPads
MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict
Fracking Waste Injection Wells Linked to 60% of Earthquakes in Central and Eastern U.S.
Russia Could Come to Greece’s Rescue. That’s Bad News for the United States and NATO
Ohio Police Officer Attempts To Shoot A Dog, Shoots a 4-Year-Old Girl Instead
Drug Companies Donated Millions To Lawmakers To Influence Vaccine Debate
South Korea reports three new MERS cases, Thailand says none
Radiation detected in groundwater at Peach Bottom nuclear plant
Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States
The US Justice Department will investigate the Charleston shooting as an act of domestic terrorism
Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing In Common & It’s NOT Weapons (the elephant in the room that the media refuses to discuss)
Sawed-off shotguns legal in Indiana starting July 1
U.S. Sheriff Apologizes for Jail Inmate's Death From Dehydration
How Politicians Buy Fake Supporters
S Arabia warns citizens against sharing faked documents
WikiLeaks publishes the Saudi Cables
Surveillance court moving toward renewal of NSA spying program for 6 months
Charleston shooting: Confederate flag (which is really a symbol of STATES RIGHTS — not rascism) is at the heart of growing political storm
South Carolina Church Shooting: Were Dylann Roof Photos Digitally Altered?
Wounded man attempts to flag down police for help — they "help" by shooting him in the head
Govt emails reveal Fukushima radiation could cause thyroid cancer to skyrocket in Americans
Video: Cop Previously Fired For Excessive Force Beats Suspect With Shotgun
VA Wait List Continues to Grow at Alarming Rate
14 Ways to Protect You Your Family and Friends from the NWO Agenda
Clinton Campaign Fundraises With Pro-TPP Lobby Firm As Congress Reschedules Trade Vote
'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers
IMF “trained” Greek journalists in Washington D.C. to spin stories in favor of IMF and European Commission
Senator Richard Pan Caught Lying About Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines!
What’s the deal with the TPP?
F.B.I., Charleston police officials examine Dylann Roof's purported website and manifesto
UN AGENDA 21:  Belgian Doctors Euthanizing Patients Without Their Consent
Biohackers: “Future generations are going to grow up tinkering not with computers, but with life itself”
New Social Media Platform Dubbed ''The People’s Site'' by Anonymous
'Marijuana cannon' used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico
How might algorithms rule our lives? Mapping the logical space of algocracy
Ranchers brace for tripled wages
Moscow Furious After Both Belgium And France Freeze Russian State Assets
Catholic bishops to meet with Congress, White House on global warming
Nanoparticles Enable Remote Control Brains Via Magnetic Field: New Study
Police Arrest 92-Year-Old Blind Woman for Her Peaceful Protest Against Fracking
New Senate Bill Would Require Warrants for Federal Aerial Surveillance
Report: Russian Military Developing Anti-Drone ‘Microwave Gun’
Nato shows its teeth to Russia with elaborate Baltic training exercise
Privacy Groups Withdraw from Commerce Dept. Facial Recognition Meetings
How Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Are Designed to End Democracy
Drowning by EPA overreach
GOP challenges Obama to veto showdown over EPA riders
Privacy Groups Withdraw from Commerce Dept. Facial Recognition Meetings
Canada & United States enter arbitration over COOL (This is a loss of sovereignty, directly attributable to NAFTA. It will get much worse under TPP, TTIP, etc.)
Report: Some students spending 75% of school day on iPads
BBC technology lets people control iPlayer with their mind (As you're being mind-controlled, your mind can control the flavor of propaganda!)
California reveals details of self-driving car accidents
Greece could be forced to lock down savers’ cash as debt crisis worsens (Theft is a choice. Criminals, masquerading as "public officials" are NEVER forced to steal from the people.)
Officials Raise Spying Concerns After Chinese Company Plans Renovation At Waldorf Astoria (Concerns about spying? Yet, we continue to allow the COMMUNIST Chinese to come to the USA and buy up our properties)
Genetically Modified Moths Released in New York
Law Enforcement Seizes $11,000 From 24-Year-Old at Airport Without Charging Him With a Crime
Secret Service agent who stole $820K from Silk Road pleads guilty
Pentagon Building Cruise Missile Shield To Defend US Cities From Russia (but who will defend us from the Pentagon?)
Swelling State Debt and “Pension Tidal Wave” May Engulf Economy


TPP fight: Fast-track legislation approved in US House, heads to Senate... Negotiators under pressure to finish pact to allow TPP to clear Congress before the 2016 US presidential election campaigns


Charleston Shooter Was on Drug Linked to Violent Outbursts...
Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department
Charleston church shooting: the larger covert op
Mass Shooting, Mass Hysteria, Mass Propaganda
Senate Votes to Ban Bush-Approved Torture Techniques
Sierra Club director calls for greater lands protections
Sage grouse war tests limits of partnership in West
Charleston church shooting suspect arrested in North Carolina
Nine dead in shooting at black church in Charleston...
White gunman stormed group during prayer service...
Bomb threat called in shortly after shooting...
Police chief calling it a ‘hate crime’...
Church pastor, South Carolina state senator Clementa Pinckney, was one of the casualties...
Incident occurs two months after white cop charged with unarmed black man's murder; Pinckney was one of the senators pushing for body cams for cops
GOP leaders vow to resurrect Obama trade deal, plan vote on Thursday
Sessions: Fast Track Would Lead to 3 Pacts Encompassing 90% of World GDP
NOT JUST ABOUT TPP:  Fast-track preapproves the formation of "unlimited number of such agreements over the next six years"
EU to extend Russia sanctions by six months
NATO says implementing 'biggest' defence boost since Cold War
Russia will defend itself against possible NATO threat: Putin
PHANTOM ENEMIES:  FBI in broad campaign to disrupt ISIS supporters inside USA (They should start with the State Department)
New $10 bill will feature a woman, Treasury Department announces
INDUSTRY LAMENTS:  Consumer interest in being tracked by smart home devices dropping rapidly despite Google, Samsung investments

Who owns your face? Weak laws give power to Facebook

Customer payments go "missing" overnight from banking accounts in UK
UN 'PEACEKEEPING' AT WORK:  Global Peace Index report: 'World less peaceful today than in 2008'
'Foreign shocks' could harm US financial stability: Lew
Americans Have Lost Confidence ... in Everything
Austin’s Plastic Bag Ban Worse for Environment Than Bags It Outlaws
Blacks and Whites Unite Against SB277 Forced Vaccination Bill
WELCOME TO THE FUTURE: Self-driving cars may have to be programmed to kill you
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Totally Collapses, Top Carriers Wage Price War to Form Global Shipping Oligopoly
Bilderberg Wields Artificial Intelligence: “A Tool to Massively Amplify Our Ability to Control the World”
Massachusetts police the most secretive in the nation
KNIFE REGULATION ARRIVES:  S. 1315, Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2015
Utah lawmakers pick firms to prepare strategy for possible lawsuit in federal land takeover
WHAT FIRST AMENDMENT?  Virginia Just Banned Using ‘Cuss Words’ In Public
Greeks are stashing €10,000 bundles in their homes in fear of Grexit
Bank Of Greece Pleads For Deal, Says "Uncontrollable Crisis", "Soaring Inflation" Coming
Cop admits to shooting wife in the head, is released from jail in less than 24 hours
City & State team up to screw struggling homeowners: Residents already behind on property taxes or court fines to pay 15% more for new sports arena
Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Undisclosed Overseas Tax Havens
California Suburb Only Has a Few Days of Water Left
The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun
The great TPP deathtrap for India, China and the other 10 member-nations
Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity
Hard questions presage challenges to federal grouse plans

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