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Why Is the U.S. Sending Toyota Pickups to Syria?
CBS News 60 Minutes:  Modern life under China's grip (domination of rare earths)
Glyphosate is “probable human carcinogen” – WHO’s cancer agency
Scientists have built an 'off switch' for the brain (American people won't need this... Facebook and shiny gadgets already did the job)
The Top 100 Survival Items to Disappear First in a Crisis (things you should buy now)
White House insists Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories must end
Court to hear appeal on Obama's immigration border-drop action
Montreal police disperse hundreds of protesters with tear gas, stun grenades
House effort would completely dismantle Patriot Act (Who wants to bet this will go nowhere?)
Boston Show Trial: The Opinion of an Attorney at Law; former law professor explains the backpacks of the accused were the wrong ones
Russia warns NATO drills a ‘problem’ as US attack planes buzz Poland
The Hidden Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Video “Style”
Bird flu kills 22,000 Minnesota turkeys and infects tens of thousands more
Army tells soldiers to get security systems and not meet with anyone they've met online after ISIS leaks 100 military members' info
Bill & Hillary facing RICO racketeering case filed in federal court in Florida
The Clintons' private spy network
Shooting at NSA headquarters leaves one dead
One dead and two injured in shootout outside NSA HQ after guard stopped two men who tried to crash through gate in stolen SUV
U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Over 200,000 American Troops in Iraq
U.S. Backing Iran With Airstrikes Against ISIS (The enemy of your enemy is your friend, unless your friend is the new enemy and the old enemy is now your friend, unless too, the wind direction changes. In that case, it's the other way around. This is U.S. foreign policy. Got it? No?)
SCUMBAG ALERT:  Radio Shack To Auction Off Customers' Personal Information In Bankruptcy Sale (Nice way to reward those who kept you in business all of those years, back-stabbing dirt bags)
Guide dogs to replaced by robots
Americans not worried about Global Warming (nor should they be)
Hispanic activists organizing In support of tougher immigration laws
AMERICA'S MOST-FAVORED NATION PARTNER:  China jails Christian pastor who fought church demolitions
Bergdahl charged w/ disertion
“Jibo the Family Robot” is the Creepiest Product of the Year (video)
Man Awarded $5.5 Million After Cops ‘Accidentally’ Shot Him 16 Times
Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions
FTC Launches Investigative Arm to Tackle Internet of Things, Big Data
China requests Yuan to be included in SDR
Clash over body cams heats up
Oligarchs and their "Pocket Armies" Take Over Oil Company in Kiev; Ukraine Begs for More Money; Three-Way Civil War?
Rebranding AlQaeda's Jabhat Al Nusra as "Moderates"
US promises billions to fund Afghan military through 2017 (As Americans go homeless & hungry, Military Industrial Complex well cared for...)
'Smart meters' called a major threat to health, national security
Gates Foundation's Seed Agenda in Africa 'Another Form of Colonialism,' Warns Protesters
Amtrakl/DHS is spying on passengers and letting police access records without warrants
FEMA to deny funds to warming deniers (Drink the cool aid or else!)
George Soros says Greece now a lose-lose game
Body Cam Footage Shows Police Officer Attempt to Shoot Family Dog and Kill Mother Instead 
Saudi Government Retains GOP’s Big Data Firms
Florida Laws Target Online Video Anonymity: State-Based Site Blocking?
Boeing patents 'Star Wars'-style force fields
NATO's creepy plan to infiltrate Twitter & Facebook
US Begins "Big Stick" Negotiations With Iran: Sends The "Big Ships" Into The Persian Gulf
UN whore Angelina Jolie [allegedly] has ovaries removed over cancer 'concern' (She ought to have them completely gut her and be done with it.  She already has no soul.)
FROM THE HOOKERS & BOOZE DEPT.:  Video shows Secret Service bungling White House bomb threat
Sen. Bob Menendez might be key to attorney general's confirmation (...and the fix is in. If he votes for her, the DOJ will drop the case against him.)
MSM Reporters Give Hillary Clinton Standing Ovation after She Takes No Questions, Jokes about Email Scandal
Drones being used to track Houston's stray dogs (Today's it's the dogs; tomorrow it's the patriots)
Monsanto chief admits ‘hubris’ is to blame for public fears over GM (Or it could be that you're just evil too)
AGENDA 21:  Price of Ground Beef Hits Record in February: $4.238 Per Pound
Apple patent envisions tracking people in real time
Rise in fraudulent Apple pay transactions raise questions about security mobile pay system (Here's an novel idea — use cash!)
Sales in communist China could boost Apple to trillion dollar company
Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes (So much for "making the rich pay their fair share")
Half of American Households Living Paycheck To Paycheck (How's that "recovery" coming along?)
Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.
FASCISM:  Ford's new car will force you to obey speed limit


ROBOT APOCALYPSE:  The Future of Artificial Intelligence Is 'Scary and Very Bad for People'
Algorithms Deciding Whom To Hire, Based On Voice 
Robots to replace almost half of jobs over next 20 years: expert (Elites' depopulation agenda coming)
VIDEO:  Florida cop tries to crush biker
Report says former IRS employees can still peruse your tax returns
REGULATOR FOR $ALE:  SEC Director Grovels for a Private Equity Job for His Teenage Son While Speaking on Panel
Air Force Might Have To Protect Money Laundering in Space
Chicago Police fighting to keep cellphone trackers secret
Meet the billionaires who are about to remake New York's public schools
UK approves £5bn of arms exports to ‘countries of human rights concern’
Washington Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank
Lagarde says IMF to co-operate with China-led AIIB bank
Markets hit by oil & gas defaults and bankruptcies
Wall Street Journal reporter who predicted oil price collapse found dead in New Jersey river
Billion Dollar TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed as Ineffective “Junk Science”
The world's next credit crunch could make 2008 look like a hiccup
Greece and EU Running Out of Time as Bank Runs Intensify
Bankers worry that electronic access to accounts may help people keep them from stealing customers' money
New Chevy Malibu will come with built-in NSA-style Teen-Tracking Spyware
Facebook user fakes suicide to see how the Facebook suicide prevention tool works and lands in mental asylum (Guess it worked!)
Colorado House votes to end unique ban on rain barrels

Bay Area Air Quality Management District Seeking to Ban Wood-Burning Fireplaces




“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
          —George Orwell, Animal Farm


Nestle Continues Bottling Water During Drought


Justice Criminal Department Rolls Out An Early Form Of Capital Controls In America
Rich Man’s Bank Hit by Bank Run, Collapse, “Bail-In”
STATE-APPROVED SPEECH ONLY:  French government preparing to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’
CENSORSHIP:  Ukraine pulls broadcast license of Euronews after Ukrainian oligarch who favors Moscow bought it
Switzerland, Luxembourg apply for China-led infrastructure bank
NSA plans to improve cybersecurity by hacking everyone else
Whistleblower Who Worked for NSA Now Questions Official Story of 9/11
Leaked Document Reveals Upcoming Biometric Experiments at US Customs
NATO Launches "Wide-Scale" War Games Near Russian Border, Creates "Line Of Troops" 
THE KAGANS:  A Family Business of Perpetual War
Victoria Nuland Talks Nonsense and Plans for War
Ukraine's 'Ministry of Truth' Wants 15-Year Prison Terms for Journalists
War Games: Russia Threatens Denmark, NATO Intercepts Russian Jets, NATO Launches Drills on Russian Border
Smartphones making children mentally ill?
Jeb Bush's plan to neutralize opposition to his presidency in his home state is called "Homeland Security"
RECOVERY?  More cash-strapped Americans turn to tax refund advances
NYC installs microphones on streets to deter crime

Police Departments Hiring Foreigners to Police Americans

Rick Santorum asked about Obama secret 'plan' to set off nuke on East Coast


The FBI's big plan to expand its hacking powers
LOOKOUT! THEY MAY BE COMING FOR YOU NEXT! Cows Are Deadlier Than You Ever Knew
Six-year-old suspended for a year after school mistakes ordinary leaf for marijuana
How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over
How did a High-Security Lab Employee become Exposed to Bioterror Bacteria?
Already 45 Beheadings in 2015 – Saudi Arabia on Pace to Easily Beat 2014’s Decapitation Level
Italy, Spain to follow if Greece exits eurozone, says Greek defense minister
FROM THE HOOKERS AND BOOZE DEPT.:  Secret Service Wants to Spend $8M to Build a Fake White House
Judicial Committee Gives FBI The First OK It Needs To Hack Any Computer, Anywhere On The Planet
Plane drops of ammunition helping to reinforce ISIS – reports
FCC cites Soros-funded neo-Marxist-founded group 46 times in new regulations
Syria Shot Down US Drone: State Media
Will a $30 Million Lawsuit Over FBI Killing of Witness Todashev Shed Light on Boston Bombing?
Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices
Senate Intelligence Committee Approves “a Surveillance Bill by another Name”
Superintendent Confirms Common Core Publisher Spying on Kids’ Social Media Accounts
Rising energy prices will challenge western way of life – MoD report
Paraguay Special Forces Seek Help of Texas Border SWAT in Dealing with Cartel Spillover
LAPD officer arrested at U.S.-Mexico border, could face human smuggling charges
FDA proposes to let drug companies undermine official safety warnings
Bailed-out banks hide profits in overseas tax havens
China's Army in Show of Force Along Myanmar Border After Fatal Bombing
Myanmar denies it bombed China
Russia launches large-scale military manoeuvres in the Arctic
CIA Worked With DOJ To Re-Purpose Foreign Surveillance Airborne Cell Tower Spoofers For Domestic Use
Al Gore at SXSW:  'Punish climate change deniers'
MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX:  US Arms Exporters Extract Increasing Profits From Foreign Conflict Zones

Older Items

Stop Mattel’s "Hello Barbie" Eavesdropping Doll
U.S. Army sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe
Report Says UK Citizens Must Give Up Right To Privacy Because 'Terrorism', Reveals Huge Secret Government Databases
American scientists lunatics are trying to genetically modify human eggs
CIA director: Social media ‘greatly amplifies’ terror threat
CIA Director Describes How the U.S. Outsources Terror Interrogations
UK support for China-backed Asia bank prompts US concern
California’s Big Water Plans; The End of Private Water Rights?
Kiev Admits Existence of Contracts on Delivery of Lethal Weapons From EU
NYPD edits Wikipedia
Texas Bill Would Make Recording Police Illegal
75% of Denver Cops Aren’t Turning on Body Cams in Use of Force Contacts
Video shows Denver cop smothering man with knee
Police Dog Attacks Innocent Child
Islamic State recruiter linked to Canadian embassy in Jordan
Genetically-modified corn leads to resistant pests, costing farmers billions annually
After first lab-grown burger, test-tube chicken is next on menu
Margaret Thatcher’s Protégé Named as Pedophile Suspect
Theresa May warns the public still do not grasp the scale of child sex abuse in Britain, saying it is 'woven into the fabric of our society'
State Department worst of all agencies at answering FOIAs, study shows
CHUTZPAH:  Kerry tells Republicans: you cannot modify Iran-U.S. nuclear deal
Lindsey Graham: If I were president, I would deploy the military against Congress
Snowden files: Inside Waihopai's domes
Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years
Supreme Court rejects cases on Guantanamo detainee treatment
Army develops exploding mini attack drones
Report says British intelligence intercepted public email, but didn't read all (Riiiight...)
Communist Cuba throws weight behind Venezuela in row with US
OBAMACARE DISASTER:  Federal health insurance subsidies could be revoked for nearly 8 million
LAND OF THE FREE?  Court bars man from smoking in his own home!
3,000 troops and military hardware from 3rd Infantry Division heading to Eastern Europe
Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality
US to Conduct Observation Flight Over Russia (What a GREAT idea! Not!)
NSA sued by Wikimedia, rights groups over mass surveillance
Hundreds of Security Badges Missing From Atlanta Airport (Next false flag in the making?)
Language restrictions on NSW prisoners deemed 'high risk' despite no known terrorist threat
High-risk terrorism inmates on hunger strike over language ban: claim
Nonprofit contractor billed U.S. $1.1 million for parties and retreats
UN torture expert refused access to Guantánamo Bay and US federal prisons
SPREADING 'DEMOCRACY':  US-Trained Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes
Alleged threats to police lead to terrorism charges
750 tons of Fukushima plant radioactive water leaked - TEPCO
Fukushima disaster: Radiation levels posing cancer risks on fourth anniversary of earthquake
National monuments in California: Lawmakers, advocates really want designations
Divisive federal land grab legislation gets its first hearing
Proposed state control of federal public lands divides Nevada interests
New footage of shooting released as BLM faces lawsuit
DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana
Interior secretary under fire on wolf protection
USDA Taking Comments for Ag Conservation Easement Program
OBAMA UNLEASHED:  Claims it's easier to buy guns than books & veggies, and that some want machine guns in bars
Rodents to be given human rights under Green Party plans
Farmers find unique ways to defraud federal insurance plans
Canadian Border Patrol Charge Traveler With 'Obstruction' For Refusing To Give Up His Phone Password
CPS INSANITY:  Parents who let kids walk home alone found responsible for 'unsubstantiated' neglect
Hillary Clinton fired US Ambassador to Kenya for using personal email account
EU Will Be Sliced Into Three Pieces, Claims Serbian Politician
ANOTHER 'BUMP' ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY?  Labor Force Participation Rate Has Hovered Near 37-Year-Low (62.8%) for 11 Months
EU energy union talks show signs of divisions to come
Monthly Salary of $20 Shows Why Venezuelans Wait in Food Lines
Five Eyes club: Mass spying on friendly nations
US War on ISIS a Trojan Horse
Greece to pass anti-austerity bill
Gold Mine: Hillary Clinton’s Brother Granted Super-Rare Mining Permit from Haiti After State Dept. Sent Country Billions
Not a Single Police Officer Has Ever Been Killed by So-Called ‘Cop Killer’ AR-15 Bullets
Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes
CIA reshuffle features ‘mission centers’, cyber-warfare to 'cover the entire universe'
Spanish Judge Pursues Bankers, Government Pursues Judge
Planet Fitness cancels membership of woman who complained about "transgender" man in locker room
How banks may have rigged the Bank of England scheme built to keep them alive
NYPD:  Unarmed People Shot By Cops Are ‘Walking Into Police Bullets’
30,000 Fill the Streets of Tel Aviv in Anti-Netanyahu Rally
Rothschild Seeks to Advise Ukraine Bondholders in Debt Talks
CIA plans major reorganization and a focus on digital espionage
US-backed Afghanistan officials sanctioned murder, torture and rape, says report
Swat team shows up to elementary school to condition children for police state
DEA operates a 'Central Tracking System' through which "all DEA assets...and targets" are monitored
BBC punishes journalists who exposed pedophile pervert Jimmy Savile
Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring
By Demanding Backdoors to Encryption, U.S. Government is Undermining Global Freedom and Security
FBI plans to expand Guardian system to include 'Top Secret' information, link up with 'Sentinel' system
Lawmakers Taking Another Crack at Expanding Gun Checks
Internet at a Crossroads:  Government surveillance threatens how we communicate
Government spying may be degrading cell phone service
Major security flaw in Apple & Google devices caused by government fight against strong encryption
Obama sharply criticizes China's plans for new technology rules
House tech subcommittee chair denounces FCC net neutrality rules
U.S. faces 90,000 doctor shortage by 2025, medical school association warns
DESTROYING AMERICA IS A BI-PARTISAN EFFORT:  Congress sends Homeland bill to Obama without conditions  /// Boehner submits to Obama's executive amnesty
 DICTATOR:  Obama 'very interested' in raising taxes through executuve action
Shots Fired Near NSA Headquarters, Building Damaged
RECOVERY?  Target to cut jobs as part of $2B cost-savings plan
Political Agenda Over Reality:  Guns Labeled 'Health Crisis'
Global debt has grown by $57 trillion in seven years following the financial crisis
Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Department
Food riots break out as Ukraine government collapses
US govt issues logistics support tender for 300 military personnel in Ukraine
AVG Technologies invents 'invisibility glasses' to protect users against facial recognition software
ECONOMIC WARFARE:  Rampant inflation means Russians are spending half their incomes on food this year
IMF bent its rules to hobble Greece with unsustainable debt
Spain using social media to hunt for taxes
Pakistan's mobile phone owners told: be fingerprinted or lose your sim card
Presidents should be able to declare economic emergencies: Bernanke
Cleveland Mayor Forced to Apologize for Claiming 12-Year-Old Shot by Police Was Responsible for his own Death
Obama’s hypocritical stance on China’s plan to require backdoors in tech products
Russia Today faces inquiry over anti-western comments in Ukraine debate
Deadly bacteria release sparks concern at high-security Louisiana lab for vaccine research on pathogen that escaped
Smart Cities Council:  Partners
Obama Signs Executive Order Encouraging Private-Sector Companies To Share Cyber Security Information
Ukraine Enters Hyperinflation: Currency Trading Halted, "Soon We Will Walk Around With Suitcases For Cash"
U.S. Arms Kiev By Laundering Weapons Through Abu Dhabi
PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX:  Revenue Opportunity: Charging Families for Transferring Money to Prisoners
Protesters against fast-tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to hold rallies outside US Rep. Richard Neal's Springfield and Pittsfield offices
NYPD forcing cops to watch old Patrick Swayze movie to learn how to ‘be nice’
Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep
ANCHORS ON SINKING SHIP OF MAINSTREAM PROPAGANDA:  Bill O'Reilly twisted truth on 'war zone' account, says former CBS colleague

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