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Drought has farmers & ranchers drilling deeper for water
Colorado sues federal government over fracking
Attorney calls conservation easements a 'government land grab'
Reps say wolf management should be turned over to states
Wildlife Corridor would stretch from the Everglades to the Gulf
Wyoming congressional delegation co-sponsors bills to block protections for sage grouse
Time to Move on from the Endangered Species Act
The roots of Western attitudes 
regarding control of public lands
BLM, ranchers at odds over cattle grazing in Escalante national monument
New Website Examines Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Low Income Families
Al Gore’s Grassroots Fight:  Former VP hopes to win hearts and minds brainwash people ahead of the Paris climate talks (The truth really is inconvenient, so much so that Gore never speaks it)
Quebec's Maple syrup rebellion:  Fighting to keep their syrup out of the hands of the powerful Quebec monopoly, producers sneak barrels by night, deal in a black market and even flee the province
California drought was completely preventable
State AG accused of intimidating ranchers, poisoning animals under guise of saving them
Wyoming congresswoman presses for national wolf delisting
Federal court hearing continues in forest road fight in Nevada
Bill calls for sale of a third of Forest Service and BLM property
Western towns gang up on coal industry
Bipartisan bill blocks EPA's 'waters' overreach
Drought-stricken Utah draws visit from top BLM officials
YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK:  FBI replies to Stingray Freedom of Information request with 5,000 blank pages
Water Crisis: Lake Mead, Largest US Reservoir, Faces Federal “Water Emergency,” Forced Rationing
GMO Bioengineered Tobacco Plants are Growing Pharmaceuticals of the Future
Is The Cell Phone Kill Switch in the Wrong Hands?
Russia creating $100B rival to IMF
U.S. Cuts back its Watchdogs after Billions Lost and Billions More to be spent on Escalating Afghanistan War
France Restricts the Movement of Gold, Cash, & Crypto-Currencies
Rascist Professor Blames Baltimore Riots On ‘White Privilege,’ Calls For Massive Surveillance Of White People
Guns: The Difference Between Garland And Paris
Garland shooting involved troupe of practiced war propagandists and patsies long on the FBI's watch list
Accused Texas gunman well-known to FBI before attack (Probably on their payroll!)
FBI involved with Texas shooter since 2007
Baltimore got $1.8 billion in stimulus for education, crime prevention
NYPD retraining focuses on talking arrestees into handcuffs
Global warming skepticism on rise in Europe (maybe it's because — it isn't happening?)
1976 California drought blamed on 'Global cooling'
Congressman Warns America Against Potentially Disastrous Obama Trade Deal
Sessions: Trade deal opens immigration floodgates, OK's future Obama changes
Communist China overtakes Mexico as top source of immigrants to USA
Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation's Foreign Money; 'Gotta pay our bills'
Clinton defense of Foundation cash conflicts with their tax records
Merkel defends German intelligence cooperation with NSA
Pentagram accused of withholding sex crime data
Bird Flu infects 1/4 of all Iowa hens
Investors dumping U.S. stocks for 'opportunies' abroad
DHS continues license plate surveillance program for 25 states
Explosives go missing from Halliburton
Toddlers using tablets before they learn to talk
Pharmaceuticals in water linked with intersex freshwater fish
The CIA Will Keep Killing Civilians With Drone Strikes Because The 'Rules' For Drone Strikes Aren't Actually Rules
Governor orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover
Texans pack meeting to drill Army spokesman about Jade Helm 15 exercise
'Homeland' Chief: 'No regrets' on bypassing Congress on amnesty
36,000 foreign 'birth tourists' here to make babies
In 1 in 5 Families in U.S., No One Works
Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history
SOAKING THEM:  California governor seeks fines of up to $10,000 a day for water wasters
Voice profiling software dehumanizes hiring decisions
TECHNO-LUST:  Poll dancing robots draw crowds in London
Corporations considering genetic testing on employees
Creepy robot swarm can move a car
New bird flu cases probable in Iowa, millions of birds affected 
Iran seizes cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz...
   ...'trespassed on Iranian waters'
Obama Warns of Anti-Globalization Sentiment in Both Parties...
UN chief praises the poop for framing 'climate change' as moral imperative...
    ...war on sceptics
World Bank Funds Tied to Pollution in India

Baltimore War Zone...

Officers Injured, Baltimore Businesses Shut Down Amid Violent Riots...
Governor Declares State of Emergency...
National Guard Activated... 
New Curfew Declared
for TUESDAY night!
Nation Of Islam and Gangs To Embattled Cities: We’re In Control...
Gangs More Organized Than Cops?
Crips, Bloods Unite — to PROTECT Community...
White Store Owner Stomped On Sidewalk...
Social media analysis suggests links between Baltimore, Ferguson violence...
Officials had foreknowledge trouble was coming; Internet campaign called for 'purge'...
Police Watched as Baltimore Burned...
Cops Caught on Video Beating & Arresting Reporters...
Shopkeepers called police 50 times and no one came (Example of why you need your firearms!)
Baltimore Mayor: We ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’ [   VIDEO...]
Law Enforcement Analyst Lays Into Mayor for ‘Absurd’ Comments...
City Council President Apologizes to Rioters...

Salon: Smashing police cars a 'legitimate political strategy'Global warming skepticism on rise in Europe
AG Lynch Moves In for the Kill:  ''The department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services has also been fully engaged in a collaborative review of the Baltimore City Police Department." 
Al Sharpton to the Rescue...
BALTIMORE POLICE SCANNERS:  City Police | City, Fire, and EMS

Privacy-focused designers offering anti-surveillance clothes
Smart policing to come Dubai with robo-cops
Chipotle to Stop Serving Poisonous GMO Food
MADE IN CHINA:  Communist China Becomes Dominant iPhone Market
Border Ranchers sound off over constant land incursions by migrants
New wave of shootouts and blockades in Tamaulipas
Mexican drug cartel, operating out of Chicago, distributed Heroin by buses
330 pounds of Meth discovered on a container headed to the Philippines
UK GOV'T HEALTHCARE:  Older patients ALL asked if they'll agree to a 'do not resuscitate' order
Wildfire threatens LA Homes
California Farmers Drill For Water
U.S. lowers fluoride (poison) levels in drinking water
BLACK HOLE:  Pentagram can't account for $1B in Afghan Reconstruction 'Aid'
Declassified report shows doubts about value of NSA warrantless spying program
Whooping Cough Outbreaks Traced to Change in Vaccine
Student corrects anti-drug teacher; Cops raid house and haul away mom
Private prison company sued for putting hunger-striking moms in solitary confinement
Communist China rates own citizens — including online behavior
Something sinister about to happen to Scottland's children
Smartphones causing autistic behaviors in children
U.S. Special Forces Operating in 80+ Countries
Obama Administration Releases Heavily Censored Version of 6-Year-Old Secret Report Casting Doubt on Legality and Effectiveness of Bush’s Warrantless Spying
As Public Celebrates Vermont GMO Labeling, State Removes Vaccine Exemption
Pentagram Won't Say What Happened to $1.3 Billion of Taxpayer Money Sent Directly to U.S. Military Officers in Afghanistan
Oregon anti-gay bakers ordered to pay $135,000 after refusing to make cake for same-sex wedding
The Unexplained Connection Between the FBI and Two Muslim Friends Killed by Law Enforcement
SOCIETAL BREAKDOWN:  Police ‘Coup’ Prevents Newly-Elected St. Louis Area Mayor From Taking Office
Germany Prepares For "Plan B", Says Greece Would "Need Not Only A Third Bailout, But Fourth, Fifth Or Even More"
DOLLAR DOOM:  50 countries now using Chinese RMB
NSA brainwashes children with coloring book
House passes cybersecurity bill that threatens privacy without clear security benefits
Australia mandates universal vaccinations — EXCEPT prime minister's daughters
US paratroops convoy to western Ukraine for training mission
Maryland free-range children taken by CPS
20 killed in bomb attacks in, around Baghdad
2 TSA officers fired after plotting to grope attractive men, police say
NSA and FBI fight to retain spy powers as surveillance law nears expiration
NBC News admits blaming wrong Syrian group for capturing its journalists
New York's Hamilton College on Lockdown After Bomb, Shooter Threat
North Carolina college on lockdown after man shot dead
The NSA wants tech companies to give it 'front door' access to encrypted data
Why healthy eating may be the new eating disorder
Baker College instructor told students to threaten patients into vaccinations, lawsuit claims
'No Jab, No Pay' Australia Policy Ends Payouts To Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines
Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” Brings Illuminati Mind Control Symbolism to Japan
How Tom Cruise and John Travolta are Controlled by Scientology According to New Documentary
CIA Secret Experiments (Documentary)
'Role players' solicited for emergency-prep drill;  National Guard put ad on Craigslist for people to pose as victims
First Fukushima radiation detected in Ucluelet waters
Food from Fukushima could be hitting Britain's shelves through legal safety loophole 
Robot dies three hours after entering Fukushima reactor zone
Deportations plummet
Thousands march through snow to protest 'Global Warming'
Iran lawmakers now demanding their own 'fact sheet' on nuclear 'deal'
FBI Investigating Former White House Military Aide
CBO:  Feds Taxing More, Spending More, Running Bigger Deficit in 2015
Obama Announces Smart Cities – Smart Growth Presidential Trade Mission to the People’s Republic of China
Florida state senator takes aim at red light cameras
Yellow light times shortened at intersection with cameras in Orange County
Texas Senate committee approves bill that would put a stop to red-light cameras
Hot furor in Chicago:  Three-second yellow light times at camera intersections
Ohio cities sue over traffic cam ban; State law requires cop to be present where cameras in use
New security flaw detected in Microsoft Windows
Net neutrality rules get published — let the lawsuits begin
Incidents of Smart Meters blowing up or catching on fire are on the rise
Mining firms cut deals with Mexican drug cartels

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